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Max Injector Anal Lube Shooter and Enema syringe

By |2023-12-02T00:00:07+11:00June 19, 2021|

Straight from the medical industry. Chemically resistant to all types of liquids. It is especially good for lubricants, easy to clean and disinfect. Available in 2 sizes - 50 ml [...]

Max Anal Depth Colorectal Auger

By |2024-01-02T00:00:09+11:00November 6, 2023|

The Max Anal Depth Colorectal Auger is a tool for serious stretch and depth training. The slim, rounded tip will pass through the anal verge with little or no effort. [...]

Max Anal Depth Router plug

By |2024-01-02T00:00:09+11:00October 27, 2023|

The Max Anal Depth Router is arguably the most versatile anal training plug. All four sizes start with a smooth, rounded tip that is smaller than your pinky finger. Suitable [...]

Max Deep Anal Stuffer Plug

By |2023-12-04T09:35:08+11:00September 30, 2023|

The tall brother of the popular Max Anal Stuffer. Designed with the same flexibility, it's easy to work this plug up through the kinks and bends in the rectum. Right [...]


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