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Stripper working from home. If you want to see more of Ruby Amber, you can find her on onlyfans :- https://onlyfans.com/ruby_amber/photos DM for pics, videos, naughty calls …
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Curious beings us humans. We have evolved in so many ways. Technology ensures that, except for the lowest on the socio-economic scale, our wants and …
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While working on my article Anal Sex Anatomy I saw a need to compare anal with vaginal sex. While this is not an uncommon muse …
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Max calls this his Thermo Wand Vibrator but I know it as the vibrator that packs a good punch. My Mini Private’s Purple Goodness vibrator …
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We have seen Covid-19 cause some delays for international shipments. The biggest issue seems to be queues for flights and backlogs in customs. We are …
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Question Anal sex for women is not as easy or straight forward as it is for men:- “Anal really get’s me off when i think about …
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Research on this topic is very difficult to pin down. Somewhere between 10% and 40% of women report having difficulty or the inability to orgasm …
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By far, the single most common question I get from men is; “How do I get my partner/girl friend/wife to have anal sex?” or “How …
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