Max Injector Anal Lube Shooter and Enema syringe



  • Available is two sizes
  • M – 50 ml (1.7 fl.oz)
  • L – 100 ml (3.4 fl.oz)
  • Medical grade materials
  • TPX clear plastic barrel
  • Nylon plunger with silicone O-ring seal
  • Chrome plated brass nozzle

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The Max Injector Anal Lube Shooter is straight from the medical industry. Chemically resistant to all types of liquids. It is which is especially good for lubricants and easy to clean and disinfect.

The Max Injector comes in two sizes. The medium size (M) is 50 ml or about 1.7 fl.oz in capacity. The large injector (L) is 100 ml or about 3.4 fl.oz in capacity.

The barrel is TPX clear plastic. The plunger is Nylon with a silicone O-ring seal. TPX plastic, Nylon and the silicone O-ring are chemically resistant to petrochemicals and a wide range of pH values. This make it compatible with all types of lubricants on the market. The materials are compatible with silicone lubes, mineral oils and vegetable oils. It is also resistant to acids. It is not effected by pH balanced lubes specifically designed to match the acidity of the human anatomy. Obviously water based lubes are no problem. It may be valuable to familiarise yourself with What Make a Good Anal Lube.

You can washed and sterilized all the components of the Max Injector with soaps and detergents. You can even use disinfectants, including ethyl alcohol. The chrome plated brass nozzle can be disinfected by boiling or steaming as well as washing and disinfected with soap, detergent and sanitizers. Dry the Max Injector Anal Lube Shooter properly before storage.

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