Max Anal Depth Colorectal Auger



  • Available in four sizes: 29 – 53 cm (11.5″- 30″)
  • Two colors: Gold and Black
  • High quality medical grade silicone hypoallergenic non-toxic and odorless
  • Soft to touch and extremely durable
  • Smooth surface with stimulating fluted profile
  • Nonporous: easy to clean and disinfect

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The Max Anal Depth Colorectal Auger is a tool for serious stretch and depth training. The slim, rounded tip will pass through the anal verge with little or no effort. Use some good lube and a lube shooter. This will ensure the Anal Auger will slide easily through the rectum and into the sigmoid colon.

Graphic of Peristalsis by Auawise – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

How it works

The fluted surface of the Auger is designed to stimulate the Enteric Nervous System (ENS) in the lower colon. The ENS is a mesh-like system of neurons that governs the function of the gastrointestinal tract. This triggers Peristalsis in the colon – see animated graphic. Because of the twist of the fluted surface, the ENS is stimulated by both rotating and thrusting of the Auger.

The tip will easily pass through the contractions of the colon and stimulates the ENS higher up the colon. This causes the muscles surrounding the colon to relax further. It will seam like your ass is sucking the Auger in.

The thickness of the Auger increases down the shaft much faster than on the Max Anal Depth Router. This is to expand the entire length of the rectum and into the sigmoid colon. The base of the sigmoid colon is a significant narrowing of the colon. It is a section of the colon that needs training to allow anal depth penetration.

The softness and pliability allows the Anal Depth Colorectal Auger to slip effortlessly into the sigmoid colon. It will navigate the rectal valves and colon features with ease. Once inserted to a comfortable depth, a thrusting motion will result in an intense stimulation of the ENS. This is caused by the fluted surface of the Auger. The super strong suction cup base will make it easy to ride up and down on the soft silicone butt plug. When you stimulate the ENS this way you will get the most amazing sensations from deep inside your body.

About The Product

Made of medical grade silicone which is hypoallergenic. Harmless to the body. Clean the product thoroughly with soap and water before use. Hand sanitisers can use  to clean the and disinfect the Auger. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly, towel dry with a lint free cotton cloth and air dry before storage.

Size details:

S size:total length: 29cm, tip diameter: 7MM, upper diameter: 2.5cm, lower diameter: 3.5cm (as shown)

M size:total length: 37cm, tip diameter: 8MM, upper diameter: 3.5cm, lower diameter: 4.5cm (as shown)

L size:total length: 45cm, tip diameter: 9MM, upper diameter: 4.5cm, lower diameter: 5.5cm (as shown)

XL size:total length: 53cm, tip diameter: 10MM, upper diameter: 5.5cm, lower diameter: 6.5cm (as shown)

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Black, Gold


S, M, L, XL


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