Max Anal Depth Spiral Plug


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Max Anal Depth Spiral Plug is a little something special. It is primarily for anal depth training but has many other uses. Gently tapered to gradually dilate the anal sphincter until you reach the flange at the base. Available in smooth or spiral ribbed.


  • One size fits all
    • Length: 39.4 cm (15″)
    • Just under 2 cm at the tip
    • Just over 4 cm at the bulge
  • Two color schemes
  • Smooth or Twisted design
  • Soft and pliable Medical Grade Silicone
  • Compatible with all types of personal lube
  • Depth scale imprinted down the length

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Max Anal Depth Spiral Plug is a little something special. A beautiful departure from the traditional old Black and Gold liquid silicone. It is primarily for anal depth training but has many other uses. Gently tapered to gradually dilate the anal sphincter until you reach the flange. Grind on it until it pops right in that tight hole. For that full to overflowing feeling and a sense of something worming around inside.

For the Anus

Max Anal Depth Plug Spiral Plug is designed for comfortably penetration. Despite its daunting appearance, the smooth, round, small tip is easy and comfortable to insert. For additional stimulation, the twisted version can be gentle screwed into place. The ripples will create a more intense sensation when thrusting. The shaft has a very gradual taper down the first half of the shaft. Designed specifically for beginners to get used to the new sensations but even very experienced Anal aficionados will not tire of this thing sliding in and out of the ass and being totally plugged.

The gentle massage of the anus softens the inner anal sphincter. Within no time you are sliding all the way d own to the base. With a little practice you can choose to let the tip curl up in your rectum creating an amazing sense of fullness, or work it straight up your rectum and feel it snaking through your colon.

Suitable for anal training of beginners or experienced players. A great introduction to depth play. When you combine this with use some good lube and a lube shooter, it is perfect for painlessly opening up a reluctant anus.

Available in four sizes and either of two colors. Made of super soft and durable, hypoallergenic, medical grade silicone. It is safe for also sorts of internal use. Sold as a novelty only, of cause.

For other orifices

While the vagina has a length limit, the Max Anal Depth Butt Plug is soft and pliable enough to coiled up or loop up and down on the inside of the for vaginal or rectum for more of a stretching/stuffing sensation. Also, ideally suited for Deep Throat Training.

These adult sex toys are not for the faint hearted!

For more information on anal stretching members of FetLife can join the conversations in the Anal 101 group.

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Green, Blue

Surface finish

Twisted, Smooth

1 review for Max Anal Depth Spiral Plug

  1. Kenneth Taylor (verified owner)

    I received the blue twisted Depth Plug, an experiment, as I am a complete newbie to anything over 9″. This depth plug does NOT disapoint!! It is super bendy and supple. Very flexible, soft and stretchy. On my second try I was able to insert to the hilt and let me tell you, I’m an instant addict to depth play!

    I started ‘down’ the road of anal play nearly a year ago in an attempt to treat multiple pelvic floor issues. I am discovering many truly wonderful benifits for health and mental wellbeing for the first time in my more than 50 years on this planet. The Depth Plug has launched me to outer space!

    In truth I’m a bit sore from the experience having also discovered that I’m not as flexile as I was in my youth- I conduct my therapudic routine in the shower so there are additional challanges.

    Guys and Gals- if you’ve ever thought about “going deeper” I highly recommend this supurb quality depth plug to begin with. I give this thing a double 5 star rating and will be shopping for my next challange soon!

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