Total Colon Clean Out

Total Colon Clean Out for Serious Anal Sex

This article “Total colon clean out” is a detailed guide for cleaning out the entire length of the large intestine (Colon and Rectum) without using professional Hycolonic equipment. A process for anyone who is into anal depth play, klismaphilia, anal gaping and extened anal play. Anal sex activities over a period of many hours or even up to two days.

Whether you just like the feeling of being completely empty or it is preparation for anal play or you enjoy the whole processes, this information is to help you do it as completely and comfortably as possible. This whole process can be completed in under one (1) hour but can take up to an hour and a half. This program is particularly suitable for hours of totally clean anal play – Porn Shoot Worthy extreme anal play, fisting and depth play et al.

You can’t rush a Total Colon Clean Out

The process of cleaning out your entire colon cannot be rushed. If it takes a little longer than an hour (1:15 or 1:30) then so be it and all the better. When you rush the process, things don’t come out properly (literally and figuratively). This is not intended as medical opinion or recommendation. It is a commentary on how to and why it works that way.

THe Total Colon Clean Out and Cramping

The idea of the Total Colon Clean Out is to do it as comfortably and as quickly as possible. If you are into BDSM forms of enema play for pain or punishment, this article will still give you a good understanding of how to make that happen. But if you are careful and follow the advice here there is no need for enema’s, large or small, to be painful.

The colon works by rhythmically contracting some muscles while releasing others. In the upper part of the colon (the ascending colon and transverse colon) the solids are still very soft and muddy. Your colon automatically compressed this mass into lengths that match the distance between the muscle contractions while it is still soft. Further down, if a harder, drier solid mass is too long, then when two muscles start clamping down on the same segments at the same time and that will cause pain that we call a cramp. One or both of them have to lose this battle to move the solid. The stuff cannot go forward and backward at the same time.

Gas can combine with solids to have a similar effect. One muscle is trying to push the gas further along but another muscle downstream is not ready to release the solid it is working on. You will feel a cramp in your gut, usually followed by that embarrassing tummy rumble. There are BDSM or enema fetishes based around deliberately introducing gas into the colon to produce pain.

When you start to fill your colon with water, it can combine with both gas pockets and solids to cause cramping. Gas pockets are usually the worst because they create airlocks, usually at the sharp bends in your colon (the Hepatic Flexure, the Splenic Flexure and the top of the rectum). As your muscles try to push stuff past the airlock the bowl is blown up like a balloon. The cramping is not just the muscles fighting each other, the colon is inflated like there is a balloon the colon and this produces more pain.

Even so, solids (feces) forming a plug which the enema water is trying to push past is not comfortable either.

You will certainly feel some mild cramps when you start filling your colon with water. Your muscles will start trying to push out while you are pushing or holding water in. This usually occurs in the rectum or lower part of your colon (the Rectum, Sigmoid and Descending colon). This is because the farces are harder in the lower part. Water will mix with and flow past the much softer and watery mater which is usually found in the Transverse and Ascending colon (even for someone who is constipated) . This softer/watery waste cannot cause the same plugging action but gas can.

Equipment for a Total Colon Clean Out

The first and most essential piece of equipment you will need is an enema bag with appropriate attachments and nozzle(s). If you are just toying with the idea of a total colon clean out or large volume enemas, then you can pick up a cheap enema kit from the local drug store for around $20 to $25. They can be a bit fiddly and they are not built to last. But if you are serious about this stuff then you want to get something like the Max Enema System.

Max Smart Digital Scales

The second piece of equipment you will want is a set of digital bathroom scales. You can get by without digital scales, but without a lot of experience with this process, people find they are not cleaning out totally. Without digital scales you will probably find yourself wait around the toilet for 20 mins to an hour to make sure a pocket of fluid doesn’t exit exit after you have left the house or started playing. The Max Smart Digital Sales makes sure you are emptying at every stage (and especially the final stage). Digital bathroom scales make it easy to confirm that you have expelled all the water from each fill-up.

Many people have asked me if a Shower Hose enema kit can be use instead of an enema bag. The simple answer is yes, but that makes it impossible to know exactly how much water has gone in. The Max Digital Scales solves that problem. Sticking with the metric systems of weights and measures, 1 kg of water is exactly 1 litre of water. Measuring you weight before and after you fill up tells you exactly how much water went in.

STEP #1 – Weigh yourself accurately

– take just a minute

Most of the advice you see on making sure you are clean tells you to wait near a toilet for up to two hours after a large enema. This is to make sure your colon has pushed out everything that you pushed in. With experience, it is pretty easy to tell when you are completely empty but without that experience you need to weight yourself. You cannot know what the being total empty feels like until you have felt it, typically more than once. A good set of digital scales won’t lie! If you don’t weigh less at the end then there is more stuff waiting to come out.

To ensure a total colon clean out, first weigh yourself (naked) on a set of digital scales before you start anything. It doesn’t matter whether or not they accurately report your total weight, the advantage of digital scales is that they WILL accurately measure any change in your weight.


STEP #2 – Empty the rectum first

– takes a couple of minutes

Max Injector XL

For a good and easy clean out, first you need to eliminate any gasses or solids sitting in the lower part of the colon starting with the rectum. This is to avoid or minimize cramping. Start with a small volume of warm tap water (a couple of degrees above body temp. – no need to be exact, just don’t burn anything). One or two shots from a Max Injector XL is plenty. Then evacuate. This can also find a large bulb enema syringe at your local drug store or pharmacy. You might find more convenient than using an enema bag at this point.

The first shot should be done in a standing position. A lot of poo floats and all gasses do. When you first put water in the ass anything in the rectum will be pushed up toward the top where there is a sharp downward turn into the Sigmoid colon. Pushing solids or gas up there will produce a cramp. Do not push past this first cramp. That will push things past the bend. If you do this you will have to put up with more and typically worse cramping on the way out as those solids and gasses hit those bends again.

STEP #3 – Loosening everything in the entire colon

Take 10 mins or so

Filling the descending colon

This is going to take about 1 litre or a quart of warm water. Take it slowly, in a standing position over a couple of minutes, Your enema bag should be hanging about head height to create the correct amount of pressure and keep the flow slow. Your clean out will be easier and better when the enema is administered slowly. Now you should be able to fill the rectum and Sigmoid colon with ease. That is going to take 500ml/a pint and up to a litre/quart. Don’t go beyond 1 litre.

When you are in the standing position and start to fill the Descending colon, solids and gas will be push up toward the bend at the top (the Splenic flexure). When you feel a decent cramp coming on, regardless of how much of the enema you have taken, stop the flow and hold the water for a couple of minutes. If you really can’t hold it just start evacuating. If you can hold the enema, gently massaging the left side of your belly. The cramp will subside as your muscles relax. Keep holding and the cramp will shortly return as your muscles go to work on the mix inside you. If you can, hold it till the second cramp passes and then release the lot.

The correct position for emptying it all out

You can expect this part will be smelly and messy. A soap additive in the enema mix can make it much less smelly, less splashy and in that sense, less messy. The poo will be loose, very loose and you will need to sit for a while. If you didn’t manage to hold the enema so you could lie down and massage your belly then it will take longer.

The normal advice for doing #2’s is to adopt a squatting position. Not so with large volume of enemas. You want to drop your knees low and sit upright lifting your chest high and arching your back slightly. This stretches your belly and helps to open the entire pathway for the enema to come out.

Any time the flow stops before you are empty It is much better to deliberately stop (tighten your anus) when the flow slows to a dribble. At that point, stand up for a few seconds or a minute. Stretch and bend or even walk around a bit. Lie down and massage the left side of your belly. Your internal muscles might need a moment to rest for a second push. Resist the urge to just sit on the potty pushing. This just causes the muscles higher up your colon to clamp down. Just like constipation, sitting there pushing constantly can cause hemorrhoids (piles).

Give everything a chance to drain and be pushed out of the descending colon, through the Sigmoid and out through the rectum. Usually the end of this evacuation is punctuated by the passing of all the gas which was pushed to the top of the Descending colon when the water was flowing in.

Weigh yourself to finish

This is when you understand the importance of weighing yourself at the beginning. Now is the time to weigh yourself again, to make sure you are, at least, back to your base weight. You should be 100g (a couple of oz) lighter, but while you are filling and emptying, your colon has been absorbing some of the water you put in which is why you may not see any change in weight. However, if you are over your base weight there is more to come out. Don’t proceed till you are confident you have emptied all you put in.

STEP #4 – Flushing all the way to the Cecum

Allow 20 mins

The next step is to empty the bulk out of the entire length of your colon. You will want 3 ltrs or at least 3 qts of warm, soapy, salty water at the ready (you can get away with plain water if you prefer). A lot of people can take over 3 ltrs or 4 qrts, but don’t force it, we are just cleaning things out.

A couple of useful positions

The two positions depicted here are the most effecting at easing the filling process. The Left-side position (depicted first) makes the path of the water down hill until it reaches the splenic flexure. This will be particularly useful in a later step. At this stage, we want the next enema to flow all the way to the cecum. You start in the knee-chest position and you lift yourself up into a all fours “doggy” pose or go further and sit back on your heals so that you are kneeling up.

The correct positioning will make this filling process much, much easier. Again, you want the flow to be slow. If you feel a cramp before you get passed the 1 litre/quart mark then your last step was not successful and there is more stuff to clear out of the descending colon. So stop at the cramp and repeat the last step. If the last step was successful then the enema will just keep steadily flowing in.

At some point around 2 ltrs/qts or more, you are going to start feeling “full”. If you are in the Knee-chest position, you will feel the pressure right across your belly just under your ribs. This will be different to the cramps you have felt before which were localized. Your tummy will have a noticeable bulge to it. Now is the time to raise yourself into kneeling on all fours or kneeling up. Now the water will readily start flowing down the length of the ascending colon to the cecum. You will definitely feel the pressure building in the lower right hand quadrant of your belly as the cecum fills.

It is extremely unlikely you can over fill yourself. The weakest point in the system is your anus. Without a retention bulb in your ass the water will just start coming out the way it went in. Don’t let the pressure build up too much. You want your belly to feel “tight” but you also want to retain this volume for a couple of minutes to let the soap do its thing on the inside.

Having stopped the filling process, If you lie on your back the pressure will subside and you will be able to massage your bloated belly. The longer you hold it the more you will feel you can. The warm water relaxes you muscles until they get a hold on something solid and start the pushing process. After a couple of minutes (or when you feel you have to) it is time to evacuate.

A different position for emptying yourself out

Just like before, don’t expect to empty in one go. Don’t just sit there pushing. In fact try not to push very hard at all. Like before you need to drop your knees down but this time arch back as far as you can while you are seated. Let he water kind of flow out of your ass. As you evacuate you should be able to feel everything being sucked out of you colon as the water literally siphons it out. The water will initially come out quite clean and get progressively filthier. When you think you are done, weigh yourself to make sure. Stand up, stretch and have a walk before sitting down again.

Step #5 – Flushing out the residue

Allow 15 mins

Basically the same as Step 4. The filling up should be a peace of cake now. The warm water will have relaxed your insides. There is nothing substantial to block the flow. 2 to 3 ltrs (3 to 4 qts) of warm, soapy, salty water to clean out the residue and anything still clinging to the walls.

Now you can use a different position and allow the enema flow to be much faster. Doggy position with your ass up and your shoulders dropped below the height of your hips (like you are kissing the ground). This will help the water flow all the way through to the end of the Transverse colon. You might be able to feel the warm water making its way through your Transverse colon from one side of your body to the other. When you feel the pressure building in the top of your belly, you want to raising your shoulders or even kneel up to a vertical position. This will help the flow into the Ascending colon.

Many people also lie on their LEFT side with their knees bent. As the water reaches your transverse colon you will feel a lot of pressure building up under your ribs on your left side. To let the water flow into your transverse colon you will need to roll onto your tummy and start kneeling up.

Rub or jiggle your stomach as the water flows in and while you are holding it. Lying on your back and massaging your belly for a couple of minutes is best. Evacuate and weigh yourself. You may find that you have not lost any weight during this program. It is because your colon keeps sucking up some of the water you are injecting and this is hydrating your body as fast as you are flushing the solids out of your colon, but YOU SHOULD NOT BE HEAVIER. This is how you make sure there are no latent accidents.

Step #6 – Totally Clean Colon and Rectum

5 to 10 mins

This is the final rinse. Use at least 30% less (or half) the water you could hold in Steps 4 or 5. Make it just a little bit cooler. No soap but salt if you so choose. We are just getting any soap residue out of your colon. Take it in, pause for a minute or two and let it out. Even with the cooler water your muscles will not be working very hard to empty you. You may find that the last of the water tends to drain out rather then be pushed. The only thing you should see in the waste is little flecks of mucus which your colon will continue to create to line the walls. You are completely clean.

Weigh yourself to make sure. Try going to the toilet again in 10 mins. just to make sure there was no residual water that has drained down. If anything more than water comes out after the 10 min don’t go back to high volumes of water, just flush your rectum like in Step 2 give yourself a little lavage (this is when you freely let the water flow out of your ass while water is flowing in through the enema nozzle. This usually means you rushed through one or more of the steps but it is just how it goes some times.

You are done. Nothing will come out of your ass for at least 8 to 12 hours no matter what or how much your have been eating before or after. You may not need to empty your bowls again for 2 days.

P.S. You could find you are a little constipated for up to five days if you do not keep your fiber up after this. Your colon is simply trying to compensate for the overdose of water. It all goes back to normal within a week.

A total colon Clean Out mixture

A note on additives

For “A real clean” use soap in a combination with a multiple large volume (high colonic) enema regimen. Many use soap as an irritant to induce cramps but the right soaps will reduce cramping.

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  1. Question — you suggest “warm soapy water” for the clean out — what sort of soap should one be adding to the water for this purpose — surely not dish or laundry detergent? Something like Ivory soap (known for its 99 and 44/100 purity?


  2. Hi satyricon1. No not laundry detergent or dishwashing liquids. While many do use Ivory most will find it irritating (to say the least). Also, Ivory comes in various derivatives of the original product and even the manufacturers talk of the product being mildly scented. No, to keep your rear passage happy you want a hypoallergenic soap. Look for pH balanced products notably Femfresh. But the best and cheapest solution is baby shampoo. The “No more tears” formulation which is designed not to irritate the delicate eye membrane is perfect for the anus.

    As always, no drug administration test these things for insertion in the ass, so whatever you chose to play with do a little test on your ass at first. People who put regular soaps up their arse soon learn why it was used as a home remedy laxative in days gone by. Some of them make your arse feel like it’s on fire inside. If you have an adverse reaction, flush with plenty of water.

    Of course, lots of people love the burning sensation of plain soaps (and other things) but this piece was about making the process of cleaning your colon an easy one.

  3. «Thank You»… I have been looking for all these details (described precisely and step by step) for the right anal prep since about a year and a half……here they are !!
    Thanks again ! 😉

  4. hello!
    thanks for the article, I hope you are still answering here.

    i didnt quite understand how you make sure that the water reached the bottom of ascending colon and it doesn’t go further?
    I once made a colon cleans and I think I overdid it, as I got pieces of undigested food (like salad) coming out of the colon. i think it passed further from ascending colong into stomach… what did I do wrong?

    1. @analnewbie – Sorry for the late reply. I have not been attending to the site or my blogs for quite some time. I am just now going back over all the comments and communications that I have neglected.

      First up, forcing an enema backwards past the cecum would damage the cecum. The pain you would experience even before the cecum gave way is a show stopper. I have read one medical report of the effects of pushing passed the cecum which said it results in violent vomiting akin to, but worse than, the effects of force feeding someone with a bowel obstruction. If food can’t pass through it comes back up. If the digestive tract is forced to reverse directions everything comes out top end violently and death is a likely outcome. However, the medical opinion did not go so far as to identify any specific incidences where this had occurred.

      I have also read one news report on a rather gruesome animal welfare case where two kids attempted to force water up a pig ass until it came out its mouth. They killed the pig because the bowel ruptured under the pressure because the walls of the colon gave way before the cecum did. So, I say with a great deal of confidence that you did not get anywhere near your stomach contents.

      What you identified is that fiber/roughage (salad) does not get digested in the upper gastrointestinal tract. Digesting these components is the job of e-coli and the other colon microbial, which in any other environment we commonly call germs.

      The presence of food like salad shows that you were cleaning out the ascending colon with your enema, where the e-coil had not had time to digest the “salad”, and not that you did anything wrong or went too far. Seams like you were right on the mark.

      Play safe.

  5. @Sydfist – picoprep is, of course, a chemical laxative which will clean you out from gullet to ass hole. It is literally an over kill which will deprive your body of all nourishment. That might be Okay for the one day a hear you need to get a colonoscopy, but it is not something people should do on a regular occasion.
    Furthermore, these products come with the possibility of serious side effects and can interfere with other medications.
    Most of the potential side effects are related to allergic reactions and although there is a warning about the chemicals, people are often complete unaware they have allergies to the contents until they take this stuff:-

    “Some of the symptoms of an allergic reaction may include hives or an itchy skin rash, swelling of the face, lips or tongue, difficulty breathing, or faintness.”

    Some of the nastier side effects (of PicoPrep as a specific example) are:

    “Nausea; abdominal fullness; or a feeling of gas in the stomach. … abdominal cramps; vomiting; anal irritation.” and “Tell your doctor if you notice anything else that is making you feel unwell.”

    Enema’s just don’t come with that extensive list of issues.

  6. @analnewbie – Sorry for the late reply. I have not been attending to the site or my blogs for quite some time. I am just now going back over all the comments and communications that I have neglected.

    First up, forcing an enema backwards past the cecum would damage the cecum. The pain you would experience event before the cecum gave way is a show stopper. I have read at least one medical report of the effects of pushing passed the cecum saying that it results if violent vomiting akin to but worse than the effects of force feeding someone with a bowel obstruction. If food can’t pass through it comes back up. If the digestive tract is forced to reverse directions everything comes out top end violently and death is a likely outcome. However, the medical opinion did not go so far as to identify any specific circumstance where this had occurred.

    I have read a report on a rather gruesome animal welfare case where two kids attempted to force water up a pig ass until it came out its mouth. They killed the pig because the bowel ruptured under the pressure because the cecum did not gave way. So, I say with a great deal of confidence that you did not get anywhere near your stomach contents.

    What you just demonstrated is that fiber/roughage (salad) does not get digested in the upper gastrointestinal tract. Digesting these components is the job of e-coli and the other colon microbials, which in any other environment we call bugs or germs.

    The presents of food like salad shows that you were cleaning out the ascending colon with your enema and not that you did anything wrong or went too far. Seam like you were right on the mark.

    Play safe.

  7. hello Max.

    thank you for your answer!

    i have been desperately looking for the answers for this topic on probably already all the websites now that google is able to index! it‘s sooo weird how this topic still remains not fully discovered or explained with a 100% working method… and it seems so easy for other gay couples and people that I went out for fetish parties to clean the colon.. they could have sex in the middle of the night but I was always embarrassed to ask how they reach it..

    i still can‘t handle cleaning well, as sometimes when I am doing the fifth, 6th or 7-8-9th fill in, the water is still dirty… and I already feel so exhausted that i don‘t even want to think about sex anymore… and I eat well the same day of cleaning… if I do so many fills in, does it mean that I fill not enough of water? although sometimes I was reaching these undigested food and even after that when I was doing another 3-4 fills in – it still remained there… making the task seem to be impossible…

    how do I know that i put not too much water and it will not go to the cecum from my ascending colon?

    i would prefer to stop cleaning knowing that my transverse colon is cleaned and that would be enough for me to play with guys.. but is there a way to know that I reached the end of the transverse colon so I didn‘t proceed further? when I tried your method I didn‘t feel cramping reaching the flexure of descending colon, the water goes smoothly all time… the same way i think I won‘t feel any cramping on the flexure between the transverse and ascending colons.

    appreciate your advise

  8. Hi Josh,

    You are certainly letting things get the better of you. You did not heed that warning in step 6 or I did not make myself clear. If you attempt to do a 3rd (or additional) total fill up, your bowel’s muscles will tire out and the enema will not come out readily. Things will keep draining through your bowels for hours and this is totally counter productive as you have experienced.

    My guess is that you are not filling up completely in steps 4 and 5. The ultimate capacity of the colon is an individual thing. When you are really full, you will feel the internal pressure build up deep in the lower right quadrant of you belly. Just in front of or inside your right hip bone. When you feel full right down in this lower quarter of your belly, you know the water is ballooning up at the start of your ascending colon (at the cecum).

    The other common mistake is to rush things. Letting the water rush in too fast and not retaining the water for long enough can also cause the problems you are having. When the water keeps rushing in despite the colon’s efforts to move things in the outward direction, the colon shuts down waiting for things to settle. It then need several minute to start the expulsion process again. That is why you should retain the enema for a period and not try to expel it straight away.

    Finally, if the timing of the enema is off due to mobility variations of your intestine, the cecum could be releasing more “food” while you are trying to clean the ascending colon out. You can’t do anything about that and that is why you just have to stop after the second complete fill-up. As long as you do not exhaust you bowels they will react to the excessive water introduced in to you colon and keep sucking things dry for hours. Any remnants still lining your colon will become immobile in your dehydrated colon. So, just stop. Then as a final clean you only need a maximum of 500-750 ml of water. This will not be enough to push through the splenic flexure at the top of the descending colon, so even with a tired bowel, gravity will do it’s thing and drain the water from you anyway without drawing more dregs from higher up in your colon.

    If you are still feeling self-conscious after this, give it at least 30 mins and then using just a (or several) small enema(s) 200ml or so, check that your rectum is clean. It will be.

    If you still have issues and need more qualification, I am happy to keep working through it with you.

    Play Safe.

  9. @Undine1324 – Yes you can certainly use a shower douching system. It is just impossible to make exact measurements of the speed and volume of water going in. But, with a bit of experience you get to know the sensations from your insides and know what is going on.

    So, if using a shower head just heed the comments below on what happens when you fill too quickly and not waiting for your colon to reset.

    Play safe.

  10. hello Max,

    thank for your answer.

    i will have to try to clean my colon again within the next couple of weeks taking notes of the adjustments that you’ve just listed.

    i will post my results here.

    thank you for your help again. i am really looking forward to a gay life where I can actually be confident and have fun


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