Max Alt Anal Stuffer 2022



  • Five sizes available
  • Body safe, none porous TPE
  • Suitable for use with all lube types
  • Soft but firm
  • Flexible and durable

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Max Alt Anal Stuffer for 2022 is the latest variation on the popular Max Anal Stuffer with a transparent option for all you GAPE LOVERS. Designed a little firmer to put just a little more pressure on the kinks and bends in the rectum and the turn into the Sigmoid colon (for the L and XL models). The range is also expanded. Available in XS and XL to expand the range for expanding holes.

The Max Alt Anal Stuffer is made from hypoallergenic (phthalate free) TPE. The XS model is a perfect starting point for the most sensitive anal virgin. Far better than a your typical butt plug which does very little to physically prepare the anus and rectum for anal sex (check out – Effects of Playing with Butt Plugs).

Max Alt Anal Stuffers are smoother and firmer than any of its liquid silicone brethren. This is the natural properties of TPE toys. TPE does get a bad rap from people who don’t understand how we manufacture the different types of synthetic rubber. The really cheap TPE/TRU/TPR is made with phthalates and leach toxins. While they may not be life threatening, they can cause uncomfortable itching, burning, and yeast infections. Body safe TRP is resistant to oil and petroleum based lubes as well as providing a smoother surface and the choice of a clear version for Gape Lovers. They are still a cheaper alternative to Liquid silicone.

When you combine this with use some good lube and a lube shooter, it is perfect for painlessly opening up a reluctant anus.

Max Alt Anal Stuffer pleasure factor

Graphic of Peristalsis by Auawise – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Once in place the Alt Anal Stuffer plugs hold the entire length of the rectum open. Just how far open is up to your selection. This is not a natural state for the rectum and sigmoid colon. The rectum is a compactor. Filling it like this will trigger the peristalsis process. Its purpose is to compress the contents of the colon in to separate lumps. It keeps pushing on them until they are pushed out.

The sigmoid colon and the rectal valves will keep trying to squeeze the Anal Suffer into separate lumps. All the while, the stretching and pressure on the walls of the rectum triggers the total relaxation of the anal sphincter. With your low colon muscle constantly trying to compact the Anal Stuffer it is held in place and won’t fall out. The sense of fullness is amplified many times over while the anal sphincters relax.

Other features of the Max Alt Anal Stuffer

The hook on the T-base can be position to either the front or the back. When position to the back, it hooks around the outside of the tailbone providing a “Locked In” feeling. Facing it forward, the hook puts pressure on the perineum, an erogenous zone for both men and women.

When inserted with the hook facing forward, the tip of the hook rests inside the entrance of the vagina on a woman. This holds the vagina open and creates an unbelievable fullness when worn during vaginal intercourse. In addition, the thrusting of a penis past the hook further stimulates the anus.

For men, with the hook facing forward, pressure on the perineum will enhance an erection. Orgasms are intensified. Contractions of the anus and pelvic floor muscles presses the hook in to the base of the erect penis.

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Citrine, Clear


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