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The Max Injector anal lube shooter is for those people fed up with the poor quality and choice of Anal Lube shooters on the market? Can’t believe that online stores are asking $12.95 for a tinny, throw away, plastic injector that is so cheaply made the lube often squirts out the wrong end? Here is the BIGGER answer:-

Max Private’s – Max Injector anal lube shooter

Sales hype aside, people are constantly asking me what I would recommend on this subject or that. When it comes to easy and pain free anal sex, lube injected into the anus is a must. But when it came to finding a good lube shooter there simply wasn’t anything good available. I saw a real need for specialty products aimed at specific needs that no one else is addressing, starting with the Max Injector.

The Max Injector is straight from the medical industry and made of components designed to be properly sterilized for reuse and chemically resistant to all types of liquids which is especially good for lubricants.

The Max Injector pictured has a 50ml (about 1.7 fl.oz) capacity. The barrel is made from TPX clear plastic and plunger is made from Nylon with a silicone O-ring seal. TPX plastic, Nylon and even the silicone O-ring are compatible with Silicone lubes, mineral oils and vegetable oils. Obviously water based lubes are no problem. These components can all be washed and sterilized with soaps and detergents even disinfectants, including alcohol or mentholated spirits.

The nozzle is chrome plated brass. It can be washed and disinfected in exactly the same way as the syringe but can also be boiled and steam cleaned.

So you can use a Max injector with any type of lube or grease you choose. It can be reused and properly sterilized for sharing. The Max Injector is intended to last a long time. With proper care, it will last many years. You even get a set of replacement O-ring seals.

Filling the Max Injector anal lube shooter

Many lubes that you may want to use or at least try, do not come in a bottle or container that you could get the Max Injector nozzle into. To make the Max Injector easy to fill, the back of the syringe unscrews to allow the plunger to be removed and the Max Injector syringe can be fill up from the back.


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For runny lubes:- remove the nozzle and you place a finger over the tip syringe to stop the lube running out while you are squirting or pouring the lube in the back of the syringe. You always want to leave a little bit of air in the syringe so that you can replace the plunger and screw the back into place again. The technique is to just cap the back of the syringe with the plunger, while still blocking the tip, so that you can invert the syringe which makes the air pocket float to the tip. Then you can unblock the tip and syringe the air out while you seat the plunger and screw the back on. Then attach the metal nozzle again.

If you are using thicker lubes like coconut oil, Albolene or Vaseline, then all you need to do is use a knife or anything else that works like a spatula and scrape lube into the back of the syringe. The thicker lubes will not run down the syringe and out the nozzle. When you have “spooned” enough lube into the syringe refit the plunger, screw the back into place and syringe out the excess air after inverting the Injector.

Using the Max Injector

At first glance, you might think that the full length of the nozzle is inserted into the ass. Well… some will, but is far from necessary and not ideal. For most people and in most circumstances you don’t want to insert the nozzle beyond the kink.

If you lineup the bulb of the nozzle directly with the centre of your anus and press a little (see Fig. 1) the lube will be injected through the anal canal – a very important part to be lubricated for the initial penetration. If it leaks a bit, that is a good thing because you want lube spread around the outside as well. A good tactic is to deliberately allow some lube to dribble from the tip of the nozzle while you are locating it to spread a little lube around the outside of the entrance.

If lube keeps leaking out gently press the tip of the nozzle in further. The nozzle will lubricate the path in front of itself and it will be easy to get the bulb of the nozzle to sit snugly between the rings of the anal sphincter muscles for a better seal (see Fig. 2). There is no problem with the bulb of the nozzle being gently pushed all the way in to the rectum (see Fig. 3) while you continue to inject the lube. But for your basic act of anal intercourse, you want to keep the reserve of lube at the bottom of the rectum, just inside the anal sphincter. This ensures that anything subsequently entering the rectum is covered in lube as it enters and covered in lube as it is pulled out again.

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  1. Chrissy4605 November 30, -0001 at 00:00

    These lube shooters are made of the highest quality. I own two of them and it is just a random pick as to which I will use. Very easy to suck lubes like ID’s “him”, into the syringe. him is a cream based on water and mineral oil. They are a dream to clean. Just add hot water and shake or for even more you can put the pieces in the top rack of the dishwasher.

    Happy plugging!!!

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