What makes a good anal lube?

Good Anal Lube

There are literally 100’s of lubricants that you can use for anal sex. Some are advertised specifically for the purpose and tend to cost more consequently. But any number of personal lubricants, as well as bath and cooking oils can be very effective, others can be counter productive. For more information on how some common water based lubricants can be detrimental to women’s health in particular, I have pubilshed another article on the subject Stopping cystitis.

Notwithstanding the following :- (as at the beginning of 2013) – “Rectal use of lubricants is viewed by the [American FDA] as an “off-label” application—use at your own risk.”Chemical & Engineering News, Volume 90 Issue 50 | pp. 46-47. which is now 7 years old and based on data that is older, the issue for us is that anal lubricants are not FDA regulated. What I can say after maybe 2 decades of experimenting with different personal lubricants is that I believe I have found the best (for now).

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Max Injector XL – anal lube shooter & enema syringe

Max Injector XL

The Max Injector XL is for those who want to inject a butt load of lube in a single shot and more effective for cleaning the arse for anal sex than the original Max Injector. When it comes to easy and pain free anal sex, lube injected into the anus is a must. But when it comes to finding a good lube shooter, the existing commercial products are basically rubbish. With the Max Products, I try to address specific needs for specialty products and source quality at a price that won’t disappoint.

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Anal training

How do you do anal training?

This is for people who are contemplating anal sex and considered that some type of anal training might be a good idea. It is a fair question to ask where to start with your taining or warm ups. Small anal/butt plugs? A finger? Lube and what sort of lube? Should you use a special lube? All very good questions.

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