Persuading a woman to have Anal Sex

By far, the single most common question I get from men is; “How do I get my partner/girl friend/wife to have anal sex?” or “How do I best approach the subject of anal sex with my partner/girl friend/wife?”

wanting to get their girls to take it up the ass. The answer is the same for women trying to get their lesbian partner to take it up the ass. Now for women wanting to play with their guys ass or start pegging him, while the principles are the same, there are notable differences, physical and mental, that need consideration. In time, and with some encouragement, I will put together an article specifically for women who want to take the upper hand.

For gay men, it would seem that the subject is central to their sexual relationship, so for gay men the question is more about who to get started or do it better.

Now for women wanting to play with their guys ass or start pegging him, there are some differences, physical and mental that need some consideration.

Perfectly Easy Anal Sex – A success story

Easy Anal Sex

Prologue by MaxPrivate

“Perfectly easy anal sex” is an awesome success story from one of my followers on FetLife. The experience and issues that faced this person is echoed by so many that I asked if I could publish our dialogue for the benefit of others. This person’s story actually started with a post entitled “So I really wanted to try anal” about 8 months before she came to me for help. Here is how we started:

” I have gotten ok with the insertion and toys being in there…but the fucking motion…i don’t like it. It causes me pain. Currently I have called an all stop to anal until I figure it out.”

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