Garden Hose Enema
First published November, 2014
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Can you use a garden hose and is it possible to over fill yourself?

Questions about garden hose enemas come up again and again. Regularly on FetLife. These question inevitably solicit all kinds of negative response from neigh-sayers that clearly have no personal experience and show a total lack of understand about the human body and biological functions.

Can you use a garden hose? – “Yes!” is the simple answer.
Is it without risks? – The risks are remote and not those regularly sited.

Neigh-sayers make unqualified statements like:

  • It is not safe to use tap water pressure.
  • Using home water pressure is never a good idea.
  • The colon has no filters to detoxify like the stomach does.
  • Anything toxic you put IN THERE goes immediately to the blood.
  • Hoses are a bad idea – Rough edges, etc, etc, etc.

None of these statements hold true under medical scrutiny nor are any supported by statistical data.

About the “Contaminants” in garden hose water

To all the claims about how bacteria and toxins, bad germs, no filter in the colon, etc, etc.. lets start with this:- Man vs. Wild – Fetid water enema.

Of course, Bear didn’t come up with this idea all on his own. The first publicized survival story was of the Family Robinson. The story published in The Telegraph in August of 2009, involving the use of contaminated water in an enema when the Family Robinson could not find suitable drinking water. So they used contaminated water as a Murphy Drip back in 1978 – Shipwrecked for 38 days.

It is common medical knowledge that when liquid is introduced into the colon, its membrane allows the water to pass through it into the bloodstream. But that is not to say that any contaminents can pass with the water into the blood stream. The lining of the colon is a membrane. That is a biological/medical/chemistry term for FILTER.

The wall of the colon is in fact a very effective and complex filter. The colon also has mechanisms to override the effects of osmosis. This is why it can extract critical trace elements and salts from its contents while blocking toxins. If tap water was so toxic so as to be dangerous when put up your ass the water supply would be condemned and shut off. If you can drink it you can absolutely, definitely, put it up your ass.

How dangerous is tap water pressure?

Statements like: “It is not safe to use tap water pressure… “ and “… never a good idea” are outrageous overstatements. Not to say there are no concerns, but let’s start with the medical evidence.

Medical reports on enemas rupturing the colon

“The tip of the iceberg of colorectal perforation from enema” – November, 2020 ( references a systematic review and of studies reporting on colorectal perforation cause by enemas which was published in July of 2020. The review was only able to site 49 cases in the review of the entire PubMed database. Of the 49 case, 44 patients had the enema administered by registered nurse. Only 4 cases were self administered enemas. The remaining 1 was administered by the family doctor. It goes without saying that the nurses were not using garden hoses or even tap water. I my own scan of the PubMed database I could only find one of the four self administered enemas that was from a garden hose.

So the water pressure from the average household tap is not responsible for blasting holes in the sidewall rectums. Also, there are a number of aspects about your anus and rectum that makes it very difficult to “over fill” yourself. The rationale behind the overwhelming majority colon perforation from enemas administered in medical clinics are reported to be:

“… no recommendations or guidelines for enema use are available. So, in common clinical practice, the diagnostic approach and the treatment are not standardized.”

Common enemas kits that connect to household water supply

The shower Enema nozzle Systems (pictured here) are a standard piece of kit for many enema enthusiasts. Along with any number of home brew, high colonic rigs, shower enema shots are sold by the thousands if not 10’s or 100’s of thousands. You can find the more basic types in drug stores, pharmacies and virtually any adult store. They are supplied with the same standard disclaimers and warning as any other “Adult toy”. They do not come with any specific warning about the tap water pressure or anything similar.


To date, I have not found any authority that has published any consumer warning about shower enema nozzles or kits. Given their prevalent use over many decades they would not have gone undetected if they were any kind of health risk. They are conspicuously absent in the PubMed database on the causes of colorectal perforations caused by enemas.

Death by Garden Hose Enema

The only case of death by garden hose enema involved two young boys who thought it would be fun to keep squirting water up a pig’s ass to see if they could get water to come out of the pigs mouth. This is the only, and extremely worrying case, of death by garden hose enema that I do know of. The children did not manage to get the water to come out the pigs mouth. They did manage to kill the pig by rupturing its colon. All the other stories to date of health issues or death from a garden hose enema remain hearsay. Even the one case in the PubMed database, of a man in his 60’s survived the event after surgery to repair the damage.

Garden hose enemas are pretty innocuous compared to other anal RACK activities which involve  playing with knives and needles. The ability of edges on a garden hose perforating the walls of the rectum are the realm of pure speculation. People stick Matchbox cars, bicycle handles, hair brushes, shampoo bottles, etc., up there ass every day. Things with much harder and sharper edges than a garden hose. All with no ill effects. If it hurts, then stop. You would not stab yourself in the ass with a knife. It a lot harder and more painful to trying puncturing your ass with a bit of plastic or rubberized hose.

What are the odd’s of over filling yourself?

Garden hose enemas, as with all enemas, do have risks associated with them. There are rare reports of people having deliberately over filled their colon (as rare as they are) and forced an enema into the small intestine. However, it doesn’t happen without a special inflatable retention nozzle and they are not designed to fit on a garden hose. Inflatable retention nozzles are use in clinics by nurses to prevent the enema leak back our the anus while the enema is being administered. This is responsible for the pressure in the colon building to the point of rupturing the wall of the colon.

With care, it is possible to force an enema into the small intestine. By the time there is enough pressure to to achieve this, the recipient will experience immense cramping and a painful sense of fullness. The pressure is more than the ordinary anal sphincters could resist. Without an inflatable retention nozzle the internal pressure will simple push the enema back out the anus. Either pushing the garden hose out with it or, if you hold the garden hose in place, the enema sprays out around the hose. If the enema is retained, and the pain doesn’t stop the process, people recounting the event say this results in extreme nausea and vomiting. This too would have to be ignore and the administering of the enema continued for it to become life threatening.

In summary

Put simply it is very hard to overfill with an enema of any sort. Less likely that you could do it with a garden hose. The sage advice is “Listen to your body” and take it slowly till you have an idea of what your body can take.

I have published a couple of articles on enemas starting with Issues with Enemas – Good and Bad. For a really great source of information from an active on-line community check out Zity.Biz


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    Our bodies have survived for over 100,000 years for a reason!!! An article I read recently the author suggested picking your nose and eating your buggers! She also said that if we drop food on the ground we should pick it up… and eat it. I do not disagree. Kids eat mud pies. Yet they survive!!! If you live in a third world country where running water is scarce, then maybe you’ll want to think twice. But remember, we have survived for many, many, years despite man’s propensity to ruin our environment!!!

  2. jockstrop June 21, 2022 at 11:27

    The only negative about using Garden Hose for an enema has been…. the water was real cold due to the hose being connected to a deep private well.

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