Do Anal Numbing Products Work?
First published November 15, 2019
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To answer the question directly – YES, they do work.
Do some people benefit from them? – Yes, they do.
Do some people suffer as a result of using them? – Yes, this is also true.

A better better question might be:- “Will I benefit from using an anal numbing product?”

Here is a list of topics covered in this article which are live links to the relevant section so you can jump forward to the topic that most interests you.

The need for Anal Numbing

There is one very good reason for using an Anal Numbing product. Some people are extremely sensitive to anal stimulation. This hypersensitivity is usually the result of multiple factors. Many of the factors that resulting anal hypersensitivity the result of mental conditioning. Nonetheless, reducing the neurological sensitivity will also calm the mind and allow access to a whole new world of sexual pleasure.

Anal numbing regularly gets a bad rap. There is a lot of negativity aimed at stopping people from even trying numbing lubes or creams. However, to draw a parallel with another common, human example of hypersensitivity, if you have sensitive teeth, drinking anything that is other than body temperature is excruciating. No one is expected to stick to tepid water or to abstain from drinking all together.

We use desensitizing toothpaste for hypersensitive teeth in adults. We have products like Bonjela for teething infants and dealing with wisdom teeth. In this context, it makes perfect sense to use desensitizing products to help sensitive people deal with a hypersensitivity anus and enjoy anal sex.

Over Exaggerated Risks

It is astonishing how often internet worriers insist that the use of anal numbing for anal games is a life threatening. They will point to the rear reports of hospitalizations as a result of anal abuse and misadventure without putting any of them into context.

If you take a moment to contemplate how many times a second (every second of every minute of every day) an ass is being penetrated, any risk of serious injury from anal sex is remote to say the least. Furthermore, Telling people to abstain is futile. People who use desensitizing toothpaste don’t break teeth or their jaw every other day from biting too hard on toffy.

But there is a lot of damage you can do during anal sex. Never use desensitizing lube it to subdue ‘Real’ pain. Never use it to try stretching or penetrating a person beyond their limits. While it is not particularly easy to do real damage during anal sex, minor injuries like muscular strains and skin tears are very common. These can put off a person from every trying anal sex again.

Also, when you cause major damage it is life threatening, so be especially careful when you are moving to a new level of depth or stretch with your bottom, especially with a new partner or someone new to anal sex.

Anal Numbing products can Bite!

If you decide to try desensitizing lube or numbing cream, you need to consider if you or your partner can tolerate the sensation of it being applied.

Typical numbing creams, gels and sprays use Benzocaine or Lidocaine (like Bonjela) as the active anesthetic (or a similar compound). When these products are first applied, many people experience a burning or freezing sensation. Some it is just horribly itchy at least until the anesthetic takes effect.

When it comes to Anal Numbing Lubes, there is a good chance that these different effects are reactions to other compounds used to make up the specific product. With trial and error you might find a product that does not bother you while others are terrible for you. For more general information about anal lubes check out What Makes a Good Anal Lube?

Then there is the sensations you are likely to experience when the anesthetic starts to ware off. As the nerves start to recover, the area might start to tingle, like pins and needles. For some it is itchy as all hell. Some say it feels cool and very pleasant. Different compounds have different effects on different people. Some people like the lingering reminder of what they have been up to . So try a number of them on yourself first before even worrying about using them for anal play/penetration. Itchiness and burning sensations are usually a scene stopper, specially when the objective is to make Anal sex more comfortable.

Anal Numbing products can numb a Cock

A real concern, for newbie anal receivers, is the transfer of the anal numbing agent to a naked, penetrating cock. These classes of numbing agents are also used in prolog creams and sprays.

Unless, or until, your skin and anal lining absorbs all the anesthetic it will also numb any other skin that comes into contact with it. This can be a bad thing for tongues, lips and especially dicks. Go over boards with numbing a dick and that can put an end to things. If not, the bottom could be in for a much longer anal session than will be good for a sensitive ass. Or it could be a good thing.

Alternatives to Anal Numbing

Some products are designed to be muscle relaxants as opposed to anesthetics. There is nothing wrong with a relaxant, we are not talking about paralysis. Relaxation is the key to safe, comfortable anal sex.

In addition, it should be obvious that numbing the skin is not going to help much if you are straining muscles and tearing fascia and ligaments. This is why many people say numbing products don’t work or the overblown reasons for using them at all. The last thing most people want is to have a burning ass when you apply the stuff, pain from straining the sphincter muscles, which can last for days, and ending up with an itchy in your ass that lasts for an hour or more.

Anal numbing works

For some people the nerve endings around the anus are just too sensitive. There is no damage being done, there is just too much sensation for anal sex to be pleasurable. Having their ass touched, probed and prodded just makes their brain scream. In these cases I recommend numbing sprays or gels over the run of the mill numbing lubes or creams. To overcome most of the downfalls of ordinary anal numbing lubes, you want to use a product like the soothing Max Anal Numbing Lube. This is the class of product that is most likely to give you success.

If you use a spay or gel (like Bonjela) you mist give it time to be absorbed and to dry on the skin. That way they will not effect other things coming into contact with the anus. They absorb more quickly and are not likely to numb the dick entering the anus if they are used correctly. A numb Cock would be counter productive for these individuals with a hyper sensitive anus.

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