Good Anal Lube

There are literally 100’s of lubricants that you can use for anal sex. Some are advertised specifically for the purpose and tend to cost more consequently. But any number of personal lubricants, as well as bath and cooking oils can be very effective, others can be counter productive. For more information on how some common water based lubricants can be detrimental to women’s health in particular, I have published another article on the subject Stopping cystitis.

Notwithstanding the following :- (as at the beginning of 2013) – “Rectal use of lubricants is viewed by the [American FDA] as an “off-label” application—use at your own risk.”Chemical & Engineering News, Volume 90 Issue 50 | pp. 46-47. which is now 7 years old and based on data that is older, the issue for us is that anal lubricants are not FDA regulated. What I can say after maybe 2 decades of experimenting with different personal lubricants is that I believe I have found the best (for now).

The need for Good Anal Lube


X-section of human anus and rectum
Details of the Anus and Rectum

Unless you are a complete anal fiend (I mean that in the most flattering way), you are going to be putting lubricants in your rectum. There is a lot to consider when selecting and using a lubricant for anal play. Some lubes stay slippery for longer, some actually get tacky after a short period of time. Some lubricants have a lower coefficient of Static Friction and higher coefficient of Dynamic Friction. Different people have sensitivity or are outright allergic to some of the compounds used as lubricants. Many lubricants have preservatives and/or other compounds added to which you might have an unpleasant reaction. For all these reasons, the selection of a good anal lube is a very individual thing. You can’t just rely on other people’s opinions of a product, you have to consider your own needs and most probably experiment with different lubricants till you find the what is a good anal lube for you. And you don’t just want lubrication, to avoid any early discomfort you want a lot of lube. You probably want lube that lasts to avoid constantly reapplying during the anal act. Most people need less or can do without as their anal experience evolves.

Getting the anal lube inside – where it counts


Picture of lube injector
Clean Stream Lube Launcher

It is very important, especially for Newbies, that you make sure there is plenty of good anal lube on inside as well as on the outside. The inner surface of the anal canal needs to be properly coated with good anal lube.

Most people start with fingers to spread the lube around the anus and slowly work some into the anal canal to make it good and slippery. But for really good anal lubrication you should inject at least 10ml to 20ml (or more) of a good anal lube through the opening of the anus and into the rectum. You want the lubrication to squeeze through the anal canal, not bypass it, so that it squeezes through the inner sphincter giving the lining of the anus another coat of good anal lube. You can use a common syringe like those used for giving medicine to babies or a lube shooter which is available at most sex shops.

Many find these cheaper solutions a bit awkward and frankly uncomfortable when inserting. Also, the use of oil based lubricants (see below) destroy the rubber plungers which make then wasteful and ultimately, expensive. As a consequence Max Private released the Max Injector which is made from medical grade components. It is designed to last. It is chemically resistant to disinfectants and all types of lubricants. It is easy to handle with a very comfortable nozzle – you only use the very tip of the nozzle.

Injecting a good anal lube makes sure the rectum has a dose of lube inside it. When you first push a dick, dildo or whatever through the anus any lube applied on the outside tends to be squeegeed off. Most of the lube that is applied to the outside is left dribbling down the outside instead of going in to the anus and rectum where it is needed.

A good dose of a good anal lube sitting in the rectum helps in two ways. Whatever is being pushing in is re-lubed in the rectum for when it is being pulled back out. In addition, a reserve of lube in the rectum helps the invading shaft slip passed the transverse rectal folds and avoid getting stuck in or behind any of the internal features of your back passage. All the porn stars know this. You will often see copious quantities of lube leak from a gaping ass because it was pre-filled with lube. After injecting a good amount of lube you need to apply a liberal amount on the cock or toy, as well as the outside of the anus. When people tell Newbies to use lots of lube for anal, they mean dribbling out from insides, dripping from the outside and dripping off the cock or dildo. The stuff should be dripping from everywhere.

What makes it a Good Anal Lube


Personal lubricants for sexual activities, whether specifically Anal lubricants or not, are broadly separated into three types; Oil based, Water based and Silicon based. From a chemistry or engineering perspective, separating lubricants into these three categories is not particularly logical. However, in the urban world this is the norm and most probably has evolved as a consequence of identifying compounds in the different lubes that react with latex, i.e. are they condom safe?

Cherry scented
Numbing Lube

In addition, you can also buy any number of hybrid lubes that have components of any two or all three. You can get scented versions of any type and you can also get any of them with anesthetics (desensitizing or numbing agents) added. Perfumes or scent compounds regularly cause irritation to the mucus membranes (the delicate tissue of you back passage) so be wary of them. At first glance, numbing agents might be appealing to avoid pain from anal penetration, but they have some serious drawbacks for many.

So when it comes to choosing a lubricant for sexual activities, these three broad categories make quite a bit of sense.

Good Anal Lubes


Oil based lubricants


Common Oil Based Lubricants

In the context of personal lubricants for sexual play some make the distinction between Organic oils and Mineral oils but due to the similarities in their properties (notably how quickly they break down latex condoms) they are grouped under this one classification. Notably, Silicone lubes that are omitted from this classification and given a classification of their own.

Prior to the 80’s, AIDS and HIV, despite the prevalence of other STD’s, condoms were perceived only as birth control devices and so not predominantly used for anal sex. Therefore, the fact that Vaseline, Crisco, Albolene, butter and margarine are incompatible with latex condoms was largely irrelevant. These products became Anal Lubes by default as they were typically present in any household. They were also easy to add to the shopping basket without causing embarrassment.

Today Vaseline is way down the list of people’s preferences for an anal lubricant even if they are Fluid Bonded. There are now so many other products on the market with lower coefficients of friction and with internet shopping, no one has to see you at the check-out with your good Anal Lube. Crisco Shortening on the other hand became and remains a favorite of many, especially those into extreme anal play that does not involve the penis and therefore condoms, e.g. fisting.

Modern favorites in this category include (but are not limited to) Alpha-Keri Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Olive Oil (as well as any number of vegetable cooking oils which include Crisco), Baby Oil and Albolene (including home made versions with Vaseline as their base).

While these lubes will destroy the integrity of a latex condom there are condoms on the market today that are not effected by these oils. So shop around if you need to.

Water base lubes


KY Water based Lube

With the growing awareness of Safe Sex practices the use of water based lubes and notably KY Jelly, surged as they did not break down the rubber in condoms. Even for vaginal penetration, the lubrication found on lubricated condoms is rarely sufficient and after only a short period of action, the condom lube dries up. So KY became a relatively acceptable thing to see in the shopping basket.

KY Jelly, as with most water based lubes, are glycerin based. While glycerin is generally accepted as human safe and widely used in products we consume or put on our skin, there are a surprising number of people who have adverse reactions to glycerin or at least, KY Jelly. Yet KY Jelly is still the world’s most consumed personal lubricant. As a consequence, people who have adverse reactions, soldier on regardless or worse, blame their discomfort on the anal action, not knowing they are having a bad reaction to the lube.  Mostly the adverse reactions are just a mild irritation of the soft tissue and mucus membranes, but who needs that in the middle of hot sex or immediately afterwards. You certainly don’t need it for anal sex. A mild irritation in the anus or rectum just makes you want to run for the toilet. This is why I recommend and now sell just three different personal lubes in my shop.

J-Lube in supplied in powdered form

Another water based lube that has gain prominence in the Alt Sex communities is J-Lube. Widely used in veterinary applications, J-Lube is not glycerine based. It is supplied in powdered form and you basically add water to ‘taste’ to get the thickness/consistency you want. And it is dirt cheap. However, without a preservative added, it doesn’t keep once you add water. Even if it is refrigerated, it should not be kept for more than a few days and it is not easy to clean up afterwards.

The most disappointing attribute of water based lubes is that they dry out within a few minutes and become tacky. Therefor, Reapplying, adding a bit of water or spit during proceedings is typical. In addition to normal evaporation, the colon absorbs water (that is one of its primary jobs) which puts an end to the water in water based lubes.

Having said all of that, many swear by both the Japanese lubes and J-Lube. The Japanese lubes do have the distinct benefit of being easy to clean up but not J-Lube.

Silicone is a Great Anal Lube


Silicone lubes are condom friendly. The only thing you need to be careful of is using it on silicone toys (dildos, anal beads, butt plugs, etc.). However, while nothing sticks to silicone and it doesn’t rub off, it tends to have a higher coefficient of dynamic friction and when the action speeds up it is not slippery enough for some beginners who are on the receiving end. Even though nothing sticks to silicone lubes, you can still feel the “rub”. This is great for many sex acts but you might want something that is slicker in fast pumping circumstances.

As a consequence there are many anal lubes on the market which have silicone and a water based lube combinations, but there is nothing to stop you mixing and matching your own. Just remember not to use a water based lube that will irritate your ass.

Final recommendations for Good Anal Lube


The best off the shelf, cheap, drug store product I have found for eliminating virtually all friction is Alpha Keri oil (now available in non-scented form). Just remember you cannot use latex condoms. If you are not Fluid Bonded and you use condoms you need condoms that can withstand oils. Some do exist on the market today.

Alpha Keri bath & Body Oil

Alpha Keri is predominantly Paraffin liquid and Lanolin oil. This is not latex condom safe. But with Alpha Keri you can go as hard as you like for an hour and more, you won’t need reapplication.

Pjur Backdoor Silicone Lube

For best effect, start with a silicone lubricant. If you want to go for a more established brand than I am offering, start with Pjur Back Door which contains “high grade jojoba extracts [to] relax the sphincter and make the skin soft and smooth.” (N.B. This is not a numbing agent.) A little of this product goes a very long way. Use it to massage and anus and gently work it in to the anal canal. Also give the penis a first coat. Then use an Injector to shoot a healthy dose of Alpha Keri into the rectum and apply liberal amounts of that to the entrance and the penis.

However, if you inject oil products like Alpha Keri, as I have recommended, you won’t want to fart in your pants until after you have had a chance to sit on the toilet. If you feel pressure building, don’t chance it, sit on the toilet. This is the same for all lubes injected into the ass, even water based lubes. The good thing about Alpha Keri over other oil lubricants (like olive oil, coconut oil, etc.) is that it disperses in water, so a small (plain water) enema or a bit of a lavage after play will sort that out and you won’t have to worry.

Others will swear by castor oil (it does not act as any kind of laxative when pushed up your ass). Another recommendation is coconut oil which has the advantage to some of being edible. It is seen as being good but for minimum friction and maximum relaxation it is Backdoor and Alpha Keri. Of course you cannot use Alpha Keri with condoms or latex based rubber toys.


  1. Anonymous October 25, 2014 at 05:49

    Funny that I am starting to see coconut oil as a good lube now, I have been experimenting with raw organic coconut oil myself for the past month and LOVE it. Works really well for both anal and vaginal play when needed.

    I melt it in the microwave (has a very low melting point) and pour about 1/4 – 1/2 cup in a small shallow mason jar. Add a few drops of my favorite essential oils (ylang ylang and sandalwood) and screw the top on and let it re-firm. If I want it back to liquid form I just throw it in a sink filled with hot water for a few, or take the cap off and microwave it for about 30 seconds.

    Just thought I would share.

  2. Marquis October 18, 2015 at 10:40

    Are you sure that Alpha Keri is safe for anal lube? wondering about the fragrance and coloring #4 ?

  3. Max Private October 18, 2015 at 15:39

    @Marquis – In broad terms neither the colorant or the fragrance is an issue. This product is designed to sooth skin irritations not cause any type of inflammation. It is a hypoallergenic product.

    There is no way to know if someone, somewhere at some time will have an adverse reaction to this product (whether it is use anally or not). There is no clinical study on the use of Alpha Keri as an anal lube. It falls under the broad statement:-

    “Rectal use of lubricants is viewed by the [American FDA] as an “off-label” application…”

    as mentioned in the opening of the article. I can say that it has been a staple recommendation for many years and so far not a single negative report. It is far less likely to cause an issue than say hair conditioner or Albolene which are other common home products used for anal lube.

  4. Marquis October 19, 2015 at 02:21

    Thank you very much for your quick response, keep the good work:>)

  5. Plaster July 16, 2016 at 12:17

    “Even if it is refrigerated, it should not be kept for more than a few days.”
    I have seen this elsewhere… But I am quite lazy (and cheap!) and usually mix up a full tube of J Lube and take much longer than that to use it up (I usually have a few on the go). I’ve never had any problems. What is the rationale behind this statement?

  6. Max Private July 23, 2016 at 22:49

    @Plaster – J-lube, in its powered form, is 75% sugar(s). In the absence of any preservative, it is a fantastic breading ground for parasites, mould and bacteria. Unrefrigerated, a healthy culture will grow in a single day, but it is heavily dependant on level of cleanliness/sterilisation observed when the product is being mixed up and subsequently used. If everything is clean and sterile (like the container and mixing utensil) and it never comes in contact with your skin, like when you are digging it out of the container, then it could last a week.

    So basically, the lube doesn’t go off it is just that stuff grows in it.

  7. Dolsin February 3, 2017 at 10:51

    Coconut Oil is best! (in my opinion)

    If you are in a monogamous relationship and don’t use condoms (all oils break down latex).

    Whatever you put on your skin is absorbed over time and goes where? Straight into your bloodstream. Coconut Oil is 100% natural and super healthy for you, unlike many chemical laden lubes. It’s also a potent natural anti-bacterial agent, which is a bonus.

    Coconut Oil is great also as a massage oil, just make sure to get the Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Oil as it has no smell, or a light, pleasant scent.

    You won’t see it advertised or promoted as lube as no company can make money from something so readily available on Supermarket shelves, so you have to rely on word of mouth.

  8. Aurelia.Windshadow August 30, 2019 at 04:03

    I’m fond of this one in particular. It’s called DermaRose, it’s pretty awesome, safe and all natural (though oil-based):

  9. Friesbaconnekkid August 30, 2019 at 04:03

    I really prefer J-Lube. We have found that men can fuck me for at least an hour before we need to relube. I’ve not been fisted (bucket list), but have been fucked by over fifty men multiple times. No, not all at one time, four has been my best gang fuck so far.

  10. Michael Wright August 25, 2020 at 12:21

    Instead of J-Lube, try Fistpowder 2. 0 Lubricant. Like J-Lube, it comes in powder form and mixed with warm water is amazingly slippery. It is not stringy like J-Lube. Most importantly, J-Lube is intended for veterinary use! If it finds it way into the human body, say through a tear in the colon, untoward events can result (see the warning label on the bottle). Whereas Fistpowder is designed and intended to be used in humans and is safe. Like J-Lube, it’s important to use prepared Fistpowder the same day and discard unused mix.

    I like using a disposable 60cc syringe with catheter tip (as little as $0.25ea). With the cap on, add 5ml very warm water, then Fistpowder, then more very warm water. Leave 5+ml for an air gap. Insert the plunger and mix, forcefully. You can adjust consistency as desired. Try thinner first. For extended play, groups, etc, you can mix in a plastic sports bottle (with squirt cap).

    • Max Private August 25, 2020 at 14:27

      Seems like Fistpoweder might be cause to update the article. It is getting long in the tooth. Thanks for the input Michael.

  11. […] There is a good chance that these different effects are caused by other compounds used to make up the product. With trial and error you might find a product that does not bother you while others do. For more general information about anal lubes check out What Makes a Good Anal Lube? […]

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