The Max Armored Mondo Alien Penis is the big brother of the Armored Predator for the more adventurous and imaginative. Enjoy a touch of fantasy in an extremely versatile toy design for stretch training.

The Max Armored Mondo in detail

Made from super soft, liquid silicone, it’s extremely pliable. There are five sizes for you to choose from in either black, gold or sky blue. The smallest size (the medium) is not exactly for a rank beginner. Ideal for someone who wants an excellent toy for their sexual pleasure and will start their journey to  bigger things (Anal or vaginal) in the future. The Largest is a perfect stretch training tool to prepare for serious fisting.

The super strong suction cup base makes this an ideal toy for riding on. The helmet tip is designed to open your hole gently. You will get an extra thrill as the ridge passed the verge or the anal or vaginal opening. It will give your inner canal a blissful massage. As you slide right down, the multiple contours give the anal sphincters and/or the pelvic floor muscles a real workout. Harder toys used for vaginal and anal stretching can leave your pubic bone or coccyx painfully bruised.

The Max Armored Mondo Alien Penis does have a daunting appearance. However, for people wanting to get serious about anal training or filling a hungry pussy, the Medium (the smallest) is well suited. The tip is only 2.5 cm across (1″) and the smooth helmet will coax your hole open gently. From there, the rippled armor shaft will massage and soften the muscles at the entrance while and stretching them as you keep riding it. Each bulge and ridge does it magic to and open you up to dimensions you never dreamt possible.

When you combine this with using some good lube and a lube shooter, it is perfect for painlessly opening up a reluctant anus or vagina.

Graphic of Peristalsis by Auawise – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Opening up!

When you reach the top of each bulge in the Max Armored Mondo Alien Penis, all you have to do is grind your ass or pelvis down on the knot.

When used for anal training or play, just resting your anus on the knot will rigger the peristalsis process. The purpose of the peristalses is to compress the contents of the colon and separate it into lumps. It keeps pushing on them until they are pushed out. This triggers the total relaxation of the inner anal sphincter. Continuing to grind on the knot will coax the most reluctant hole to open and comfortably facilitate the stretch you desire.

Pushing yourself (your anus or vagina) down on each bulge while your insides are trying to push the Alien Penis out is like isometric exercises for your sphincter muscles and pelvic floor.  This is far more effective than static stretching exercises. It will cause you sphincter muscles and pelvic floor to relax, expand and strengthen. Just keep gently grinding and pushing yourself down on the knot. Your muscles will contract and then relax  and around the Max Armored Mondo Alien Penis. Before long you will have passed the first bulge and be grinding on the second

Body safe and easy to clean

Medical grade silicone is hypoallergenic and body safe. The product should be clean thoroughly with soap and water before and after use. Max Armored Mondo Alien Penis can be used with any type of lubricant. Water base, silicone based, oil or petroleum based. You can read What Makes a Good Anal Lube for more information on the best lube for you. Normal hand sanitizer can be use to disinfect the Armored Mondo’s medical grade silicone. It is recommended to rinse thoroughly, towel dry with a lint free cotton and then air dry before storage.