Max Rectal Lavage Enema nozzle



  • Special Tip design with four lateral holes
  • 4 lengths available (50 – 200cm)
  • Hypoallergenic medical grade Silicone tube
  • Long with small diameter for a Lavage
  • 3 connectors for bottles and shower hose
  • Perfect fop travel portability and discrete storage

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The Max Rectal Lavage Enema nozzle is not just a rubber hose with a tapered end. Made of medical grade silicone rubber with smooth, small diameter, rounded tip with four side holes for better lavage irrigation. Constructed from hypoallergenic materials that are easy to clean and sterilize. The use of warm water and hand soap is a normal recommendation but you can use over the counter hand santizer for extra peace of mind. Towel dry with a lint free cloth and air dry before storage.

The Rectal Lavage Enema nozzle is suitable for novices and enema aficionados. With a bit of lube, it easily slips into the tightest anus.

To effectively perform a lavage of the rectum as described in the 30 Minute Colon Clean Out, the tip of the nozzle must reach the top of the rectum. The length of the smallest (50cm) nozzle will enable the tip to reach all the the way to the descending colon. With the longer Rectal Lavage nozzles you can go deeper again. Typically to the top of the descending colon, but there is little need to go beyond that. The extra length is to allow for the nozzle to reach the toilet from the bath tub or shower without the need for extra hosing.


 It is also ideal for travel. The extra connects enables you to use just about any plastic bottle as a big enema bulb. Cut the base off an empty plastic bottle and pock a couple of holes for a coat hanger and you have an enema bucket to hang in the shower.

The tube is firm enough to hold its shape but soft and pliable enough to navigate the kinks and bends, at least to a point. It is almost impossible for a kink in this tube to stop the water flow. It easily maneuvers through the rectum and sigmoid colon to inject the flush deep in the colon. You’ll have no trouble flushing all the way to the descending colon.

You can learn more about cleaning for anal sex in the article Eating and Enemas for Clean Anal Sex. A shower enema nozzle is also a good choice if you are seeking a Total Colon Clean Out.

The nozzle connector and the optional shower hose extension attach to standard household plumbing or shower system.

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