Max Anal Numbing Lube



  • Available in Natural, Warming and Ice
  • Your choice of 85g or 160g bottles
  • Designed especially for anal games
  • Water based – water soluble – condom safe
  • Enhance lubrication for vagina or anus
  • Easy to clean, No residue!

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85 lm160 lm


Max Anal Numbing Lube by CokeLife combines the best of Chinese herbal remedies with Western medicine. when combining the two we have the ultimate water based, anal lubricant. Chinese medicine produces highly effective, topical products for reducing deep tissue inflammation and muscular pain. Max Anal Numbing Lube is a deep penetrating muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory and numbing agent. A slick personal lubricant that moisturizes the skin.

There are three variations to choose from. Yellow is designed to provide smooth, pain free penetration while protecting the shin. Red has gentle warming compounds that will really help with mental as well as muscular relaxation. Use Blue for a titillating icy sensation. For people wanting the extra stimulation with all the benefits of an excellent numbing agent and muscles relaxant.

Numbing lubes based on Benzocaine and Lidocaine have many side effects and remain active on the surface. But the skin and mucosa rapidly absorb the active ingredients in the Max Anal Numbing Lube. The surface skin and anal canal are left well lubricated in seconds. This allows for bareback sex that won’t numb a mans erection.

You can apply Max Anal Numbing Lube directly to a man’s erection. It works as a prolonging agent while eliminating friction. One application for multiple purposes avoiding micro-tears, fissures and abrasions. For those who want to extend their anal play for both the bottom and the top. Ideal for the most enthusiastic and rigorous anal action.

Each bottle comes with its own tapered nozzle to inject the lube directly into the anal canal. If you are into Anal depth play or fisting you will probably want consider pairing this up with a Max Injector.

The soothing and relaxing properties also make this an ideal lubricant for sufferers of Vaginismus and Vaginal atrophy.


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85 lm, 160 lm

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Cooling, Soothing, Warming


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