Max Waterproof Quilted Mattress cover



  • Huge range of sizes to suit all mattress makes
  • Huge range of color to suit any décor
  • 100% cotton material – no balling, no lint
  • Soft and comfortable, moisture-absorbing and breathable
  • Hand or cold machine washable
  • High-pressure steam sterilization meets the GB/T 20944.3-2008 standard
  • High effective antibacterial properties
  • 95% reduction of dust mites
  • Waterproof and breathable!

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The Max Waterproof Quilted Mattress cover protects your mattress and your health without compromising your comfort. 100% Impervious to Liquids of All Kinds.

Everyone experiences unexpected “accidents” or spills in bed, especially for those into less “vanilla” sexual activities. Specially designed TPU membrane effectively resists all liquids. Perspiration, sperm, female cum, urine, body fluids of all kinds. You can go nuts with massage oil, lube without a worry. Perfect for water sports. For instance; urination, enema over flow and even scat.

The Max Waterproof Quilted Mattress cover has a specially designed TPU membrane covered in an ultra-soft, 100% cotton layer. Therefore, it is soft and comfortable on bare skin. The waterproof TPU interlay is made of premium elastic material. It ensures there will be no crinkling sound or plastic feel to disrupt your valuable sleep.

However, if you sheet over the Max cover you can just change sheets as you would normally. Now your mattress cover is clean and ready for action at a moments notice.

Not just for adventurous sex play

Firstly, the Max Waterproof Mattress cover is free from Vinyl, BPA, phthalate, latex, lead, flame retardants, and other harmful chemicals. The mattress cover is designed to safeguard your mattress and you from chemicals that could cause irritation or illness. Suitable for asthma, and eczema sufferers.

Secondly, have you ever wanted to act out some of those debauched porn scenes? While cream pies, anal cream pies, flooding a bear ass with lube or lube overflowing from an ass are inspirational images, protecting your bedding can be a real hassle. Have you seen the Max Injector Anal Lube Shooter? Fold up the messy evidence of your carnal games in the Max Waterproof Quilted Mattress cover and take it straight to the laundry. In other words, it is fully machine washable. Although it might be a good idea to rinse off any excess in the sink or maybe the shower.

The max Waterproof cover is designed for repeated washing and drying. It will not unduly cause damage of our premium elastic material or the specially designed waterproof membrane. Simply use a cold wash cycle in your home washing machine.

One of the biggest obstacles to enjoying anal sex is the thought of soiling the bed. Common Causes of Anal Sex Problems will provide an understand how seriously anxieties stop people from participating in anal sex.

Additional information

Quilted color

Grape, Pastel yellow, Sky blue, Peach, Pink, Turquoise, Snow white, Parchment, Beige, Grey, Dark grey

Mattress size

135×190, 135×200, 150×190, 150×200, 180×200, 180×220, 200×220


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