Some advice on anal sex for women


Anal sex for women is not as easy or straight forward as it is for men:- “Anal really get’s me off when i think about it. I’ll watch anal porn videos (i’m a lesbian and have the Everything Butt lesbian page open on my phone practically all the time). When i fantasize about sex anal always comes up and when i masturbate chances are i’m thinking of a hot girl with a strap-on fucking my ass. However, in my (albeit limited) experience with anal, it’s never really lived up to the fantasy. I did anal a lot a few years ago with men before i came out and it was more the thought of someone fucking my ass that got me off while it was happening, physically it never really did much for me, and I’ve never really gotten the chance to do anal with a girl as my ex wasn’t into it. When i masturbate if i put my fingers in my ass it doesn’t do much. I’ve wanted to get a plug and see if that does anything. Does anyone else sympathize? Do i just need to explore more with girls and toys? Or are some things just better as a fantasy?”

Some background on anal sex for women

This is a particularly poignant question following Mini Private’s recent posting “Sexual fantasies into reality“. Anal sex for women is different from men. Although stimulation of the anus and the anal canal is neurologically the same for both sexes, the internal structures which can add to or result in sexual pleasure are different.

Pleasure from anal penetration is not an automatic guarantee. Pleasure from sex in general, but especially for women, is more heavily influenced by their mental and emotional state (subject for another article), at least when it comes to getting the sexual engine running. Your thoughts about fantasy bare testament to where you sit on that continuum of female sexual pleasure triggers.

Learning to enjoy or gain pleasure from anal sex, beyond fantasies, will be an individual journey, but the principals are common to all. Here are a couple of articles I have written that have help a lot of people in similar situations to yourself:

Anal sex training by yourself
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Communicating with your partner

When it comes to introducing a partner with your anal play and fantasies in general, things do get more complicated. You need to work on methods of communicating you needs and wants (and pain if it occurs) without braking the rhythm or mood/fantasy. While all the advice you will find on sexual satisfaction is going to tell you that open communications are important, no one addresses the fact that dissecting or intellectualizing your sexual experience when you are in the middle of it, is the last thing you want to do. Further more, dissecting you fatalities over a coffee or around the dinner table, even with the closest partner, will likely kill the fantasy in the process.

A couple of ideas

Even after 8 years with my current partner, I sneak the toys and lube et al, into the bed or position them in reach but out of sight. This is to preserve the fantasy or mystery in bed. She only gets to see the extent and dimensions of the rubber and other objects after her pleasure is over. The post sex realization of what she has experienced then adds to the sense of wicked pleasure. She doesn’t like blindfolds but she will often cover her eyes and face with a pillow case or scarf, or hide her entire upper body under the covers and leave her lower body exposed for me to access at will.

Another technique that my partner has adopted is to watch porn on her phone with head phones on so that I cannot see or hear what she is watching. I am her reality and this is about her fantasies. My challenge is to respond to her body language and movements to know what to do when. I do not have any direct visual or auditory ques to what she is watching or where the action is up to. Yes, there have been a lot of rejections that have accompanied this approach. But, if the fantasy/mood is broken then neither of us has a problem saying stop which mostly comes from her. Some times we totally stop. Other times we dump the fantasy and just go back to some boring (albeit pleasurable) missionary sex.

Anal sex for women with strap-ons

Just one extra consideration regarding anal sex for women in a lesbian relationship. given that you want to play with strap-ons, you need to realize the wearer gets no direct feedback from the phallus. They have no sense of the pressure or resistance or friction they are creating. It can be a clumsy thing in the beginning and problematic for an inexperienced anus. Anal training by yourself will help you accommodate a strap-on. Also, consider riding your partner at first so they get a sense of your pace/depth/rhythm and what pleases and how far they can go without hurting you.


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