Max Aloe Personal Sex Lube by Mizz Zee



  • Medically proven healing properties of Aloe vera
  • Big discount for buying two
  • Water based – water soluble – condom safe
  • Enhance lubrication for vagina or anus
  • Easy to clean, No residue!

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Max Aloe Personal Sex Lube by Mizz Zee is water based personal lubricant infused with Aloe vera extracts. Chinese herbal medicine has recognized the healing and soothing powers of Aloe vera for centuries. Recently, Western medicine has realized that Aloe vera is an extremely versatile, naturally occurring, plant based medical product.

Aloe vera is clinically proven to be more effective in the treatment of burns, abrasions and anal fissures, pain and wound healing than pharmaceutical compound products.

Effectiveness of Aloe Vera gel compared with traditional burn wound dressingNational Library of Medicine
Effects of Aloe vera cream on chronic anal fissure pain, wound healing and hemorrhagingNational Library of Medicine

Max Aloe Personal Sex Lube is a slick personal lubricant. It moisturizes the skin while mitigating skin irritation, chafing and minor tears. Use it before, during and after sex. The soothing and relaxing properties make this an ideal lubricant for sufferers of Vaginismus and Vaginal atrophy. If you are struggling with vaginal dryness, this is the perfect lubricant. Don’t just think of it as a sex lube.

It goes without saying that the medical properties of Aloe vera has many benefits as an Anal Sex lubricant as well. Brilliant for use before, during and after a rigorous anal workout. Avoid micro-tears, fissures and abrasions, but also helpful for any that are cause by anal sex. Great for extend their anal play for both the bottom and the top. Ideal for the most enthusiastic and rigorous anal action.

To avoid internal fissures and for Anal depth play and fisting you will probably want consider pairing this up with a Max Injector.

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