Max 2022 Anal Stuffer Butt Plug



  • Available in Black and Gold
  • Lengths: 23/29/34 cm (9.1″/11.4″/13.4″)
  • Taper: 2.0-4.3 cm (S), 2.5-5.3 cm (M), 3.3-6.2 cm (L)
  • Material: Hypoallergenic Silicon
  • Suitable for use with all types of Lube
  • Super soft, flexible and durable

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The Max 2022 Anal Stuffer Butt Plug with its suction cup base, is a new 2022 variation on the popular Max Anal Stuffer and Max 2020 Anal Stuffer. Designed with the same flexibility, it’s easy to work this plug up through the kinks and bends in the rectum. Right to the very top of your bottom.

The shape of the Max 2022 Anal Stuffer is yet another subtle variation on the original. The tip is slightly blunter making the main shaft thicker down the length. The maximum width at the bulge is exactly half way between the width of the corresponding Original stuffer and the 2020 variant, as are the relative lengths.

Despite its rather daunting appearance, the Max 2022 Anal Stuffers have a more gradual taper down the main shaft. Suitable for anal training of beginners while givin a greater sense of fullness when they are being inserted. The tip of the small 2022 stuffer starts at only 2.0 cm round (just a fraction over 3/4″). Well within the limits of the tightest anus. When you combine this with use some good lube and a lube shooter, it is perfect for painlessly opening up a reluctant anus.

Max 2022 anal stuffer pleasure factor

Graphic of Peristalsis by Auawise – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Once in place the Anal Stuffer butt plugs hold the entire length of the rectum open. Just how far open is up to your selection. This is not a natural state for the rectum and sigmoid colon. The rectum is a compactor. Filling it like this will trigger the peristalsis process. Its purpose is to compress the contents of the colon in to separate lumps. It keeps pushing on them until they are pushed out.

The sigmoid colon and the rectal valves will keep trying to squeeze the Anal Suffer into separate lumps. Grabbing hold of the Stuffers contours and holding it in place. All the while the stretching and pressure on the walls of the rectum triggers the total relaxation of the anal sphincter. With your low colon muscle constantly trying to compact the Anal Stuffer, the sense of fullness is amplified many times over.

The suction cup base is cleverly designed to allow you to ride the stuffer when you want, but it will also fold between the buttocks to make is comfortable to wear around.

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Black, Gold


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