This article deals with the irresistible urge to poo. Most people experience this when they first start having anal sex. Here is how to stop or get past it. The irresistible urge to poo is seen as a problem for the inexperienced. It is at the center of a newbie’s concerned about making a mess (literally a mess) of things. However, it is also essential for opening up the inner anal sphincter (IAS), thereby avoiding straining the sphincter and a central source of great pain.

Enemas are your friend

The irresistible urge to poo is the primary reason why so many anal recipients insist on cleaning their ass with an enema before they begin. Dirty or clean anal is all a question of degrees. At one end of the scale are those who say there is no way of eliminating every last bacterium from the anal canal so it is never clean. At the other end of the scale there are those who say “If you can’t see anything its clean enough and by the way I wear a blindfold.”

A good enema gives people the confidence that nothing is going to get shitty regardless of the sensations they experience. So cleaning your ass out guarantees the irresistible urge to poo is not caused by poo. There is a Max Private article that specifically deals with Eating and Enemas for Clean Anal Sex to provide you with that confidence. I also offer specific enema product to help specifically selected for their functionality and quality.

If it is not poo causing the irresistible urge to poo then what is it? Here is why you get the urge, how you can use it to your advantage and how you can overcome it.

What causes the Irresistible urge to Poo?

There are a particular bunch of nerves in your rectum that are part of the enteric nervous system (ENS). These neural receptors in the wall of the rectum react to (are triggered by) pressure on and stretching of the rectal walls. These receptors are connected back to the spinal cord but their signals are not passed up to the brain, so your brain is unaware (which is to say, you are not consciously aware) of any stretching or pressure these nerves detect. These rectal receptors feed straight back to and trigger motor neurons that relax your inner anal sphincter (IAS). When the IAS relaxes nerves in your anus send signals to your conscious brain that something is trying to get out. You feel the need to go to the toilet. This is the normal sensations of the need to poo. It is the relaxing of the IAS and pressure on the anus that your “Brain” feels.

Because there is no direct connection from your brain to the motor neurons that hold your IAS shut, you cannot consciously control the IAS. While you cannot control the IAS and your brain never “feels” the nerves in your rectum being simulated (in the normal sense), you can feel the IAS relaxing and other sensations caused by movement in your bowels. That is what the conscious mind equates to the need to defecate.

Normally, when you feel the need to defecate your conscious mind reacts immediately. You tightening the Outer Anal Sphincter (OAS) to hold the back door shut until you get to the toilet. In a normal state, when you don’t need to defecate, the IAS provides up to 85% of the closing force on your anus. For most people, even when they consciously clench their ass (tighten the OAS) as best as they can, it is still no where near as good at closing the anus the IAS.

Using the Irresistible urge to Poo

To make anal sex/play easy you actually want the IAS to relax and let go. This is why you need to be confident that there is nothing waiting to come out. You need to know it is only that which is being stuffed in that is causing the IAS to relax and your inexperienced brain equating that as an irresistible urge to poo.

To make the IAS relax you need to get something into your rectum. You need pressure on the walls and they need to be stretched. That is why it is so important to play with the anus and just inside before penetration. At the same time you don’t want your conscious mind to be tightening the OAS just as you are getting the IAS to relax. You will go from straining the IAS to straining the OAS. It all feels just like any pain you get from straining muscles.

Making sure you are clean before you start means you know the irresistible urge to poo knowing is not poo. You can relax when your anus relaxes and your ass opens. When you feel the irresistible urge to poo consciously push out just like you are pooing. That opens the OAS and the cock or toy will slide right in. To take bigger things up your ass you actually don’t want to relax at all, you want to push like you are going to do a big shit. Most people will take 8 inches balls deep on the first push by doing that, but it takes metal practice.

When the Irresistible urge to Poo is too much

This is where plugs are particularly useful training tools. They train your consciousness to accept bulbous things in your rectum and let your OAS relax along with the IAS. I have another article specifically on the subject of the Effects of Playing with Butt Plugs.

With anal experience everyone’s consciousness learns that the loosening of the IAS does not always equate to poo. It doesn’t take long before you anus starts winking and relaxing in anticipation of penetration and the pleasures to come.


  1. Chrissy4605 November 30, -0001 at 00:00

    MaxPrivate is right on about this situation. Please take his advice to heart.

  2. Krestalon November 30, -0001 at 00:00

    Yeah a few factors here, I have a new sex machine, and suddenly even though after years of toys this one makes me want to poop. So I wanted to mention a couple of factors: a) just getting used to machine,after about 5 times its much better experience now; seems getting fucked is different to your body then just manually inserting b) the dildo on the machine was very hard and rigid and veiny. Once replacing with soft vixskin dildo, was much smoother sailing. So I think other factors to irresistable urge are these: differences in motion: speed/ continual in/out; and even the softness and feeling of what’s inserted can be a factor.
    Even though i had years of manual inserting experience, getting a full thrusting more real fuck, I was newbie again for first 5 or so times until i got used to it.

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