Max Shiatsu Prostate Massage plug – wireless remote



    • Wireless remote control
    • Separate controls for vibrator and massager
    • Extremely flexible and durable, body-safe silicone
    • 7 modes of vibration
    • 7 modes of prostate massaging
    • Battery: Lithium batteries, USB rechargeable


The Max Shiatsu Prostate massage plug is the ultimate in sexual pleasure enhancers. This is a multi-functioned, multi-purpose personal vibrator. It doesn’t just vibrate against the prostate in men, it rubs up and down like it is milking the prostate. The unique stroking action works equally well on a woman’s A-spot. The Shiatus plug has 7 modes of massage from titillating to ravaging. The Perineal Buckle has independently controlled vibrations with 7 power settings also. If you are looking for a way to step up your personal pleasure, this vibrator is for you. It’s a Shiatsu massage for your insides.

Principles of design

Every aspect of the Max Shiatsu Prostate Massage plug screams ecstasy. There are so many vibrating plugs on the market but the majority of them fail to consider the basic requirements of a functional prostate massager.

When the plug is inserted into the anus (or the vagina) the shape and position of the Perineal Buckle works like a gentle clamp that holds the Plug in place and maintains pressure on the inner erogenous zones. The long slender neck allows the anal sphincters to contract naturally and prevent the vibrator from slipping out. The tip of the Perineal Buckle puts pressure on the base of a man’s  penis and scrotum. It is similar for a women when inserted in the anus putting pressure on the Perineum and the vaginal opening. When inserted in the vagina, Perineal Buckle becomes and intense clitoral stimulator.

Having it all remote controlled is the final touch. No groping around in the midst of all the action trying to adjust the intensity of the internal and external stimulation. Even better might be to let your partner take control of your pleasure.

Other benefits

As if all these pleasure options weren’t enough, this is an amazing toy for double penetration with the plug in the ass or the vagina. When your partner penetrates you the vibrating plug will work its magic on your partner’s cock through the vaginal wall.

Whenever you venture into the anal sex or double penetration, try paring it with either of the Max Japanese Anal Lubes . Your entry to the world of anal pleasures will be an easy one.


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