Max Bulbous Butt Plug


The Ultimate Butt Plug. It will squeezed through smaller holes and expand to fill the space beyond. designed for comfort with a really full feeling. If you are after more, check out the Max Bulbous Realistic Dildo for the really adventurous, the Max Bulbous Monster Dildo.

Key features of Max Bulbous Butt Plug:

  • Bulbous gland
  • Bulging, Veined shaft
  • Made from Hypoallergenic liquid silicone
  • Three sizes available
  • Soft and pliable to squeeze through tight holes
  • Compatible with all types of personal lubricant and hand sanitizers


Max Bulbous Butt Plug: Supreme comfort and ecstatic fullness

The Max Bulbous Butt Plug is designed to comfort and to give a fully plug sensation. If you’ve ever yearned for a sensuous adventure that defies the ordinary, wear this around the house, in the street, out shopping or just fill yourself while having sex. Crafted from the finest hypoallergenic liquid silicone, this masterpiece of intimate indulgence is more than a mere sex toy.

The Allure – Squeeze, Stretch, Stuffed, and Beyond

Designed with your satisfaction in mind, the Bulbous Butt Plug boasts a tantalizing feature that sets it apart from the rest. Imagine the irresistible thrill as you gently squeeze this pliable delight through openings smaller than its natural dimensions. Once inside, it blooms and expands, filling every inch of available space with its enchanting presence. The result? A mind-bending sensation of fullness and blissful stretch that you can wear.

Tailor Your Pleasure: Your Journey, Your Choice

Your desires are unique, and so is the Bulbous Butt Plug. With three enticing sizes to choose from, you’re in control of customizing your pleasure to match your cravings. Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of the Petite Delight, the allure of the Classic Sensation, or the titillation of the Grand Experience, there’s a size that speaks to your imagination.

Luxurious and Exquisite Sensation of Fullness

The Max Bulbous Butt Plug is not just about dimensions—it’s about the exquisite quality of pleasure. Immerse yourself in the soft, velvety touch of hypoallergenic liquid silicone that adapts to your internal contours, enhancing your journey with its perfect balance of firmness and flexibility. Elevate your experience with the confidence that this masterpiece is compatible with all types of personal lubricants and hand sanitizers, ensuring seamless enjoyment.

Unlock Your Desires

Are you ready to explore the uncharted territories of your deepest cravings? The Max Bulbous Butt Plug invites you to dive into a world where ecstasy knows no bounds. Leave the ordinary behind and indulge in the extraordinary. Surrender to the allure of MaxPrivate’s new creation.

Max Bulbous Realistic Dildo for the more adventurous

Max Bulbous Realistic Dildo

For those who love the idea of the Max Bulbous Butt Plug but have greater expectations, size up with the Max Bulbous Realistic Dildo

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