Max Thermo Thrust Wand



    • Vibration/Gyration/Heating/Thrusting
    • Available in Rose pink and Purple
    • Body-safe medical grade silicone skin
    • Robust ABS internal body
    • Intelligent heating up to 39.5 ℃
    • IPX7: 100% Waterproof
    • Powerful but quiet: Noise less than 50 db
    • Lithium batteries
    • USB rechargeable
    • Up to 2 hours use from fully charged

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The Max Thermo Thrust Wand is one of the Max Private range of Women’s pleasure products. This is a multi-functioned, multi-purpose personal vibrator. It has a built-in heater to warm up the wand before use. It has seven modes of vibration, 3 modes of thrusting action and the tip of the wand has three modes of gyration. If you are looking for a way to step up your personal pleasure, this is the vibrator for you.

Principles of design

There are so many vibrators on the market. The majority of them fail to consider the sensitivity of a woman in their design. Realistic penis dildos and vibrators are basically 3D dick pics. Not usually a turn on for a woman. If you are one of the 50% to 70% of women (or maybe its your partner) that does not experience orgasm from penetrative sex alone, the last thing you need is an oversized, throbbing, thrusting, double penetrating, rubber phallus with a distinct chemical smell. Odds-on, you’re more interested in the physical intimacy than being stuffed with a cold, detached, rubber cock. So for starters, all Max Thermo products have internal heating elements. No need to put up with cold lumps of plastic or rubber.

The Max Thermo Thrust Wand is discrete in every way. It is quiet, petite, with an elegantly and ergonomic design. The materials are are hypoallergenic and odorless. Designed to be pleasing to the eye and soft to touch the Thermo Thrust Wand is not intimidating by design.

Designed for you

The Max Thermo Thrust Wand has independent for vibration, thrusting and gyration. For someone new to personal vibrators the ball end of the Max Thermo Thrust Wand is used just like traditional Wand vibrators, but it is far less cumbersome. You can use it for simple pleasures as a neck, back, shoulder and body massager for relaxation.

The basic use of a wand vibrator is clitoral stimulation. Either for straight forward masturbation or to guaranty an orgasm during sexual intercourse. With over 2/3 of women needing clitoral stimulation to orgasm, this is what you need in bed with your partner. The ball end provides intense clitoral and labia stimulation during intercourse or other sex play.

With a diameter of 45mm, less than 2 inches, the ball and then some can be fully inserted into the vagina with a bit of a warm-up. The inserted ball creates intense fullness that puts pressure on the g-spot and a-spot (the rear wall of the vagina) at the same time. You then have 7 vibration modes at your disposal.

The center of the shaft is where the internal heater is located. The shaft itself has a tapered tip and perfect for easy insertion. The gyrating end can be used to massage the entire volva. When inserted it is the perfect g-spot and a-spot massager. When combined with the thrusting motion you have the perfect combination to discover the immense please that causes squirting.

Other benefits

As if all these pleasure options weren’t enough, when you are confident enough and feeling adventurous, this is an amazing toy for double penetration.  Using it anally, the gyrating and thrusting tip will work its magic on your partners cock which is right along side it in your vagina. If you are already having anal sex with your partner, the double penetration effects are just as astonishing with the Max Thermo Thrust in your vagina.

If you do venture into the anal sex or double penetration with the Max Thermo Thrust, try paring it with either of the Max Japanese Anal Lubes . Your entry to the world of anal pleasures will be an easy one. It is also perfect for use in vaginismus therapy.

All products are QC checked before packaging and dispatching.

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