Max Anal Bullet Tip plug – Glass dilator


Specifically designed to be the most effective vaginal and anal dilator. Pleasing to the eye and oh what a view. For anal virgins and sufferers of vaginismus. Start with the small plug and work your up


  • hypoallergenic, transparent glass
  • 4 sizes to choose from
  • Comfort base and slender stem for safe and easy retention
  • Suitable for use with any lube

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Each Max Anal Bullet Tip plug is hand made. Each one is a work of art. Made from hypoallergenic, boroscopic glass. This will result in minor variations from plug to plug but the overall size and dimensions are extremely consistent.

Beautiful to look at and specifically designed to be the most effective vaginal and anal dilators. Unlike traditional shapes for anal plugs, the Max Anal Bullet Tip plug is a much more effective training tool. Designed to slip through the anal verge or the passed the hymen and comfortably hold it open. Pausing with the bullet tip fully inserted and gently pushing against the main bulge and releasing will trigger the  enteric nervous system (ENS) to relax the muscles around the vagina or anus. With gentle persuasion (pressure) over time the main bulge will stretch the opening without straining the muscles.

Once fully inserted, the long, slender stem makes this plug easy to retain. This will help the rectum get accustom to being full and stop the irresistible urge to poo during anal sex. The design of the flared base will eliminate the fear of losing the plug up your ass. It’s weight makes it excellent for kegel training as a vaginal or anal plug.

Beyond that, they are extremely comfortable to wear on their own or during sexual intercourse for the lovers of DP. They provide brilliant visual gaping and crowning effects.

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