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Articles that deal with the neuroscience and bio-mechanics of Sex. Concrete advice on how to improve your sex to make it more pleasurable and how to play safe.

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Mini Private is my better half.
Her articles cover what she see as the most important insights and information on human sexuality from a woman’s and a bottom’s perspective.

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Learning to Enjoy Anal Sex

Learning to Enjoy Anal Sex First published March 20, 2014 © Max Private – All rights reserved Image by Claudio_Scott from Pixabay Introduction Learning to enjoy [...]

Do Anal Numbing Products Work?

Do Anal Numbing Products Work? First published November 15, 2019 © Max Private – All rights reserved Image by Victoria Borodinova from Pixabay To answer the question directly [...]

Anal Training by Yourself

Benefits of anal sex training by yourself - There are lots of reasons why people want or should do anal sex training by themselves.

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