Max Alien Stamen Anal Probe



  • Available in Black and Gold
  • 4 sizes
  • Lengths: 7″ (18cm), 8.5″ (22cm), 10″ (25cm) and 12″ (30cm)
  • Max width: 1.8″ (4.5cm), 2.2″ (5.5cm), 2.6″ (6.5cm) and 3″ (7.5cm)
  •  Material: Hypoallergenic Silicon
  • Super soft, flexible and durable

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The Max Alien Stamen Anal Probe fantasy dildo is out of this world stuff. The inspiration for the Stamen Anal Probe comes from combining the idea of an Alien Anal Probe and what a Triffid’s sexual reproductive organ. A whole new spin on the idea of Alien probes and cross pollination that hopefully won’t make you go blind.

A fantastic addition to the Max Liquid Silicone line of toys. Perfect for beginners to advanced vaginal and anal stuffing. The tip of the Stamen gently coxes the entrance open. Then the first flange will stimulates the autonomic nerves to relax the entrance further making the final stretch by the base easier.

Despite its rather daunting appearance, the Max Alien Stamen Anal Probe is extremely soft with a very smooth surface. The veins and ridges add the perfect amount of stimulation when you are ready to start with the thrusting. These are well suited for training an anal beginner and introducing them to the sense of being totally full. When you combine this with use some good lube and a lube shooter, it is perfect for painlessly opening up a reluctant orifice.

The pleasure factor

The Stamen Anal Probe is a proper butt plug. The wide base on the Alien Stamen stops it getting lost up inside a hungry hole. It is also a powerful suction cup for hands free riding. When fully inserted, the probe hold the entire length of the rectum open. This is not a natural state. The rectum is a compactor. Its purpose is to compress its contents in to separate lumps. With your rectum constantly trying to compact the Alien Stamen, the sense of fullness is amplified many times over.


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Black, Gold


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