Positions for having anal sex

Which anal sex positions do people find better?

The following is a thread from one of my FetLife groups that asks what positions for anal sex people prefer. I thought would be of interest to the broader community. You will also find the question of position is important to avoid pain from anal sex

Some examples of those basic positions are shown here but are graphic/pronographic, so you have to have a sign in which acknowledges you accept the T&C’s

Anal Sex On your back or on your knees?

by beoursissy 8 months ago

I was wondering if anal sex feels better if you lay on your back rather then on your knees or stomach… Is it different for women and men or is there a common answer? Or is it just everyone is different? (which of course we are)

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For shear animal passion I love being on my knees taking it from the rear. But have found that the easiest position to get the ball rolling is for me to lie on my side on for my top to approach me on his knees from behind.


Polyphemus56, thank you to. I have wanted to try to ways to make it easier for myself when the hubby want’s some rear action and have often wondered if that might feel better… face down is good because I can bite the sheets…lol Since I also use a strap on, on my husband it’s nice to get an idea for both sexes.


I like to start on my knees, but then move to my back. It feels best first starting out when I’m on my knees but the depth he gets when I lie down is delicious!


Nice, thank you Unixslut. I am thinking I want to try being on my back… just a bit scared as he’s really big… It’s not often I can take it with my on my tummy… but every now and then when I can, it’s amazing.


You know what, if he’s really big and you’re scared, why not ride on top of him? Even if it’s just until you get used to the sensation. 🙂 I had a b/f for a while who was built like a coke can, width-wise, and I would sit on his belly, lube up, and let him tease my nipples while I slowly let myself down at MY pace rather than his. He found the sensation very pleasant, and it gave me just enough control to relax a bit. Then once we got going we’d switch to whatever other position was fun. 🙂

Sabre72: devilheart

When I’m fucking myself, I prefer to be on my knees. I seem to get deeper penetration that way. When my mistress fucks me, I’m in doggy. We’ve yet to try me on top, or on my back.


@Unixslut, thank you so much! That is very helpful to me. I am not going to lie, the thought of me being on top and easing him into my ass though may feel well.. but I don’t think I could relax that way and I don’t think I would ever put it in…. When we have done it, clitoral stimulation is a must, it also has to be before I cum.. so that’s why I was wondering ass up or ass down.. 🙂


@Sabre72, I gotta give you your props! You can definitely take it up the ass! Fist and wrist… damn… I am worried about getting a large hard cock in my ass… hat’s off to you!

Sabre72: devilheart

@beoursissy Thank you for your comment. I’ve been training for nearly 8 years now and am continuing to expand my training regime. No pun intended…or is there 😉


I’ve yet to try anal but I would rather try it on my stomach or knees.