Positions for having anal sex

Which anal sex positions do people find better?

The following is a thread from one of my FetLife groups that asks what positions for anal sex people prefer. I thought would be of interest to the broader community. You will also find the question of position is important to avoid pain from anal sex

Some examples of those basic positions are shown here but are graphic/pronographic, so you have to have a sign in which acknowledges you accept the T&C’s

Anal Sex On your back or on your knees?

by beoursissy 8 months ago

I was wondering if anal sex feels better if you lay on your back rather then on your knees or stomach… Is it different for women and men or is there a common answer? Or is it just everyone is different? (which of course we are)

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For shear animal passion I love being on my knees taking it from the rear. But have found that the easiest position to get the ball rolling is for me to lie on my side on for my top to approach me on his knees from behind.


Polyphemus56, thank you to. I have wanted to try to ways to make it easier for myself when the hubby want’s some rear action and have often wondered if that might feel better… face down is good because I can bite the sheets…lol Since I also use a strap on, on my husband it’s nice to get an idea for both sexes.


I like to start on my knees, but then move to my back. It feels best first starting out when I’m on my knees but the depth he gets when I lie down is delicious!


Nice, thank you Unixslut. I am thinking I want to try being on my back… just a bit scared as he’s really big… It’s not often I can take it with my on my tummy… but every now and then when I can, it’s amazing.


You know what, if he’s really big and you’re scared, why not ride on top of him? Even if it’s just until you get used to the sensation. 🙂 I had a b/f for a while who was built like a coke can, width-wise, and I would sit on his belly, lube up, and let him tease my nipples while I slowly let myself down at MY pace rather than his. He found the sensation very pleasant, and it gave me just enough control to relax a bit. Then once we got going we’d switch to whatever other position was fun. 🙂

Sabre72: devilheart

When I’m fucking myself, I prefer to be on my knees. I seem to get deeper penetration that way. When my mistress fucks me, I’m in doggy. We’ve yet to try me on top, or on my back.


@Unixslut, thank you so much! That is very helpful to me. I am not going to lie, the thought of me being on top and easing him into my ass though may feel well.. but I don’t think I could relax that way and I don’t think I would ever put it in…. When we have done it, clitoral stimulation is a must, it also has to be before I cum.. so that’s why I was wondering ass up or ass down.. 🙂


@Sabre72, I gotta give you your props! You can definitely take it up the ass! Fist and wrist… damn… I am worried about getting a large hard cock in my ass… hat’s off to you!

Sabre72: devilheart

@beoursissy Thank you for your comment. I’ve been training for nearly 8 years now and am continuing to expand my training regime. No pun intended…or is there 😉

Sxybluidgrl: devilheart

I usually start by riding him. It is easier for me to relax and get adjusted. Then he flips me over on to my knees and just has at it taking his pleasure any way he wants.


I enjoy receiving anal sex laying on my tummy with my legs closed and him straddling my legs.
Or on my belly bent over a cushion with my legs spread.


I find that when I want something hot and rowdy and maybe a bit rough, especially with a casual partner, doggy style is the best way. But when I want real intimacy, with a person I have a good connection with, on my back is the way to go.

Whatever position I’m in I want to work my clit, which is no problem on my back, but can be problematic depending on how I’m bent over in doggy. Sometimes I’ll use a small vibe to reach the extra few inches to my clit in these cases. Make sure you can reach your clit, or that your partner can (and will). Makes a big difference!


I enjoy Anal better on my Knees doggy style. Something about feeling a mans hands on my hips as he fucks me make me feel like a true slut. When I get fucked on my back my prostrate gets stimulated and I have a hands free orgasm way too fast.


@coconutgrrl, thank you, I must agree, having my clit played with during anal is a must. I have to be really turned on to do anal… I cannot do anal after I cum.


My preference is definitely on my back with my legs up in the air or on his shoulders, though I’ve only ever had one male lover; he preferred me on my knees – though as his thrusts got harder and faster, I’d always slowly slip down and end up flat on my stomach.

HoozaAngel: devilheart

So far we have done doggie, back and yummy, while all of them are awesome, I find that it depends on the mood we are in for our position choices. We just did doggie for the first time recently but it is probably going to be a lot more often now lol.


It so depends on the guy doing me. Size, shape and his desires. If he curves up I like to take him on my back. Curves down? Doggy. That’s all about prostate massaging so likely varies with women.

If he is hung big then I like to be on top for the start just to get used to having him in me at my pace.

I always like being on my back when he cums so I can watch his face.

Jeg_Elsker_Rumpe: devilheart

On her back you can hit the back of her G•spot best.

I actually don’t like doggy anal.

For me, I actually prefer vagina penetration in doggy and look at her butt hole and lust for it.

One of the reasons I love missionary anal is being able to watch her pussy while in the back door.


We usually do it with me on my knees, which is amazing! It lets him get going really hard and fast and I can just hang on for the ride. One time, however, he surprised me by going for it while I was on my back and oh my god it felt good! After a few seconds it was like have one long orgasm. Different parts were being hit and it was a really nice change. The only downside is that it took more planning to get everything lined up properly, but the extra effort was well worth it!

2Intrigued: devilheart

I have had anal in several positions…side, stomach , back, on knees, etc.. For me…as with others here, I think on my knees is the best. I love the idea of being “taken”. Of not being in control. I love the feel of his hands on my hips, pulling me back on his cock as he shoves into me. It lets me know my place. For harder, deeper penetration my prior lover would sometimes grab my hair or place a hand on my shoulder to pull me back. Most delicious!
For me, it is about doing what I am told or giving him what he wants. It is wonderful when the thoughts of the two people collide, though. Smiling…. Do what works for you and your partner. Hope this helps.


Depends on my partner. With those who are smaller I can lay on my back and pull my knees toward my ears, which is easier on my joints and more intimate, since we are facing each other, but if they are larger I tend to prefer to be on all fours at the edge of the bed, with him standing beside it…then I can push back at my pace to get him in, and once I get relaxed he can take over. 🙂


For me in the beginning, i had to be completely relaxed. Being on my back wouldnt do because the angle was wrong. So, Since bent over is very acessible, i tried that also, but i was too tense. Holding your own self up requires some muscles be tense so to eliminate the issue, we’d place a stack of pillows under my tummy and id press my cheek to one under my head, just focusing on relaxing and feeling his hands gently tickle or caress my ass and back. So much easier. If its at a point that it hurts, pause. Dont draw back. Just wait and then let her tell you when shes ready to continue because you can ruin the whole moment and session in one thrust if you dont take care easing it in.


Back for sure with leg wrap around waist. I like to see whats,going on. Doggie is no no as the able because of height is out of my control. Tummy is OK but it seems….too impersonal. I want to be kissed and sucked on.


My first time was on my back knees pulled in (I late discovers this position, much like if you squat on the ground straightens out the lower colon, seems this might make entry easier)

I prefer to be on my knees as it allows him more leverage, I don’t like it so hard and fast I get hurt but nor do I want gentle and slow.

Coconut oil is great as a lube for anal so much better the silicone (imo) and safe for my silicone plugs.

Beware fingers and hang nails (ouch !) I keep gloves on hand in case we head this way because then I don’t get little cuts from his nail or a hand nail that makes what follows uncomfortable.

Plugs and wearing one for even 15 minutes (even just a small one) & playing it in and out for a minute or two can really make it easier to accept him.

I love my small booty rocker plug stays in nicely and is very comfortable.

Even a small enema can be helpful beforehand as well if your not opposed to them.

Hope this helps.


I enjoy performing anal with my lady partners in a variety of position….Doggystyle, standing Doggystyle and especially Flying Doggystyle (Flying Doggystyle is also my position of choice when I am invited to help partake in and perform the anal half of a great Double Penetration session too)
A great position, which I love to do anal in, is the Spooning position with my partners leg drawn up and I support her leg with my shoulder or I grip her ankle with my hand. It’s a great position for the lady to apply copious amounts of either baby oil or quality lubricant while we fuck when and if needed…and also, it’s a great position to watch ourselves, show off in front of a camera or other couples watching us


In my opinion, on my back and legs up in the air is the easiest way to take a cock deep in your ass. But I love the feeling of being handled on doggy style. So, I tend to start on my back then turn on my knees.

Jeg_Elsker_Rumpe: devilheart

I personally prefer (if I am giving anal) I like her to be on her back with her legs pulled up.

This gives me the best view of my lover and my partner. I can look into her eyes and watch her facial expression as I enter her I can also look down her entire body I can watch your breast smooth as we move in rhythm with each other. I can also see her slit and her pussy it’s a beautiful sight because I have never been with a woman who did not get super wet when you’re inside of her asshole. And the enjoyment of feeling her asshole around your cock as you move in and out of her can be absolutely stunning. I also love the look of the way her pussy will move as you are moving your cock in and out of her asshole.


my preference is lying on my side (spoon) and being penetrated… i find it’s the easiest way for me to push back on the toy and this position does not put any stress on lower abdomen which could lead to clamping up. Once in an thrusting is underway, i will usually motion to all 4’s on my knees to give my partner free rein on the action while i enjoy taking it.

Given my personal preference of liking it deep, i’ll usually seek out a fwd or reverse cowboy riding position for maximum depth that i control… with intermittent stationary rise to allow my partner to drill me. As fun as this may be, i cannot hold the position for any length of time so i soon switch it up and i lie on my back and allow my partner free roam on the action while i recoup.

Another thing i like and this applies to all positions is to have my partner pull out completely and re-insert, the stretching effect is wonderful in my opinion…. So all in all is there a right way to start… i think it depends on the receiver and what ever he/she is most comfortable with.


I think for men, Doggie-style is the easiest and provides the deepest penetration and easily leads to the girl ravaging the ass proper!
But I prefer being on my back with a pillow below to help improve the angle of the penetration. I enjoy being able to watch the girl work and make eye contact with her as she is pounding me.
So I like the back the best but it’s more work, From behind is easiest. In my opinion.


Try cowgirl style it gives you more control of how deep and the pace. You can take it as deep as you want like that. Also he can spread your cheeks to get even deeper.

I enjoy it all ways. I wear a plug 3 or 4 hours at least everyday since I’ve been trained anally. Your ass needs to be trained so your muscles can stretch easier. That way any position will work.

koalabear69: devilheart

doggie style, on your back if you elevate your hips at least in my opinion and on your knees is all good i think it depends on what else your doing or going to do etc… facing him is more personal facing away is less personal depends on what you need….
if you need the affection to go along with it do it in a position that faces him, but if you just need a good hard fuck in the ass, doggie style bent over the bed is good in my opinion. Thats my 2 cents…lol


i like to sit on a hard cock while facing the person who is penetrating me… this allows me to also play with myself and kiss him/her, play with tits, suck on nipples, etc… it also allows me to have full control of the pumping.


I love being fucked hard doggy style but also being on my back with my legs over my partners shoulders feels amazing and lets him get nice and deep