Max Japanese Anal Lube (400ml)



  • Available in clear or simulated seamen
  • Highly Viscous
  • Water based – water soluble – condom safe
  • Enhance lubrication of vagina or anus
  • Long lasting single application
  • Stays where you need it
  • Easy clean-up, No residue!
  • Odorless, tasteless and non-toxic
  • Shelf life: 3 years

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The Max Japanese Anal Lube with hyaluronic acid is perfect for any part of the body. It’s super smooth to sooth anal penetration and brilliant for revealing vaginal dryness. It can also be use for body massage.

The Japanese are the silent experts on anal sex. Japanese law demands the censorship of  human genitalia in movies and publications. The anus is not part of human genitalia. Only when the anus is penetrated by a cock is it censored. Consequently, you find that Japanese pornography has a heavy bias toward anal insertions.

Max Japanese Anal Lube is highly viscus. Its gooey properties clings to flesh providing an exceptionally slick barrier. But the tiniest drop of water add after application makes the surface virtually frictionless. This lubricant will eliminate friction that would cause micro-tears, fissures and abrasions.

This lubricant stays slick for a long time. It is good for the most enthusiastic and rigorous intimate action. This lubricant will not have to be constantly reapply because it will not dry out quickly.

If you are into Anal depth play or fisting you will probably want to buy in bulk. The Max Japanese Anal lube is supplied as two separate bottles to keep it fresh from longer. You might also like pair it up with a Max Injector.

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400ml Milky, 400ml Clear


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