Our modern aversion to Anal Sex

People’s aversion to Anal Sex

Our aversion to anal sex, be it the “ick factor”, shame, embarrassment or “it’s just plain wrong”, is the biggest barrier to people enjoying anal sex. These emotional responses to the thought of anal sex is at the core of people’s unwillingness to even contemplate the act. In a modern, 1st world society, it may be hard to understand the reasons for these emotions. After all, in our modern, first world societies, gay relationships are now celebrated, although not by all. It must be know that the vast majority of gay relationships involve anal sex.

Scientifically or medically speaking, if people are practicing “safe sex”, any difference in infectious transmission is purely academic. There is no physical, medical or legal reason to abstain from anal sex. Even the religious doctrines that still condemn the act are in the minority. So the question is “Why is there such a stigma attached to anal sex?” and “Why are people so put off or worried about indulging in anal sex?”

It is a lifetime of outdated social programming that gives rise to these negative thoughts people have about anal sex. Social programming that is akin to Brainwashing. Social programming based on ideas that are centuries if not millennia old.

Religion’s role in our aversion to anal sex

It started with Christianity. The Greeks and the Romans are famous for their anal sex escapades. Many other cultures, in particular tribal and nomadic cultures, promote anal sex and even homosexuality was a as a method of population control. The Jewish religion, pre-dating Christianity, did not condemn people for practicing anal sex either; 

“Kosher sexual relations are not necessarily limited to those that can lead to pregnancy, either:  anal and oral relations are permitted, if enjoyable to both marital partners, …” – @Kosher Sex

The condemnation of anal sex in the Western world started with the New Testament and Christianity. Now Catholicism has problems with any sexual act that is not specifically for procreation. But over the past 500 years, Christianity, in general, has softened its position on various sex acts. Today, many branches of Christianity accept Gay marriage. This is only one of the paradoxes in religious belief and the followers’ actual behavior. There is just no way you can accept gay marriage/partnerships without understanding a key consequence of gay relationships is anal sex.

Another sexual paradox in the actual behavior of religious followers and the religious doctrines is the use of contraception. Studies have shown that 98%, or more, of sexually active Catholic women have used some form of contraception banned by the Vatican. We have to accept that the condemnation of the Catholic church is not enough to dissuade the population from indulging in sexual acts.

It begs the question; “Why is arse fucking so much worse than other acts of sexual pleasure?” In the distant past, arse fucking was strongly associated with the rape of underaged boys. This is almost certainly why gays were persecuted so horrible and in some cases still are. So it is by association with other heinous acts that anal sex came to be viewed as such a very bad thing. In the absence of other associations, how is anal sex any worse than endulging in cunnulingus, felatio and the use of contraceptives? The Vatican attaches a one way ticket to hell for all of these transgressions.

The Law’s role in our aversion to Anal Sex

In the year before King Henry VIII declared himself to be head of the Church of England, he introduced the first legislation under English criminal law against sodomy with the Buggery Act of 1533. The Act defined buggery as an unnatural sexual act against the will of God and man, harking back to the religious definition of soddomy. This included the sexual acts of felatio and cunnulingus amoungst others.

Later buggery was defined by the courts to include only anal penetration and bestiality. This meant that acts of anal sex received the same treatment as acts of beastiality.

“A sodomy law is a law that defines certain sexual acts as crimes. The precise sexual acts meant by the term sodomy are rarely spelled out in the law, but are typically understood by courts to include any sexual act deemed to be “unnatural” or immoral. Sodomy typically includes anal sex, oral sex and bestiality. In practice, sodomy laws have rarely been enforced against heterosexual couples.” – @Wikipidia

While there was a short period when the sodomy laws were repealed, it was re-enacted by Queen Elizabeth I in 1563. Then the Puritans came to power in the mid 1600’s,  under the leadership of Oliver Cromwell and imposed their extremist moral standards.

Buggery remained a capital offence in England and Wales until 1861 and the buggery laws for England and Wales were not repealed until 1967. So we have this very long history of the law telling us that Anal Sex is the most heinous of all sexual acts a human can commit against another human, right up until about 50 years ago. 

Science’s role in our aversion to Anal Sex

Then we made the connection between our own excrement and diseases like cholera and dysentery (back in 1849). Up until the mid 1800’s buggery was punishable by death.

Pile on modern scare campaigns to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and other STD’s, it is no wonder society has such a latent distaste of anal sex.

Even if your partner is not religious, we are programmed from birth by so many different forces against anal sex, you have to treat the ick factor as the result of global brainwashing.

Undoing brainwashing is a slow and methodical process. The objective is to normalise anal sex. Trust is very important. Conversations about anal sex are important but you also want to know what is triggering the ick thoughts/feelings. Very, very important is that over time you prove it is not icky. You need to be vigilant with your own cleanliness. Smell is a big part of the ick factor. Then you need to introduce anal sensations into her orgasms.