Max Anal Ballistic Butt Plug



  • For novices to supersize me
  • Four sizes
  • Available in Black and Gold
  • Hypoallergenic Liquid Silicon
  • Super soft, flexible and durable

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The Max Anal Ballistic Butt Plug is an extremely versatile toy. Made from super soft, liquid silicone making it extremely pliable. There are four sizes for you to choose from in either black or gold. The smallest size is ideal for someone who just wants an excellent toy for their sexual pleasure. The Largest is a perfect training tool to prepare someone for fisting.

The super strong suction cup base makes this an ideal toy for riding on. The bulbous tip gives your insides an amazing massage. As you slide right down, the ballsy base gives  the anal sphincters or pelvic floor muscles a real workout. Harder toys used for vaginal and anal stretching can leave your pubic bone or coccyx painfully bruised.

Despite its daunting appearance, the smallest is well suited for training an anal beginner or filling a hungry pussy. The tip is only 2cm round (3/4″) and is only 3.5cm at its widest point. When you combine this with using some good lube and  a lube shooter, it is perfect for painlessly opening up a reluctant anus.

Opening up!

Once the Max Anal Ballistic butt plug is fully inserted all you have to do is grind your ass down on the Ballsy base. The head and shaft holds the entire length of the rectum open. This is not a natural state for the rectum. The rectum is a compactor. Its purpose is to compress its contents into separate it into lumps.  They are held in the top of the rectum by the rectal folds until there is sufficient mass to initiate a bowel movement. While your rectal muscle are constantly trying to compact the Max Anal Ballistic Plug, the sense of fullness is amplified many times over.

Pushing yourself (your anus) down on the ballsy base while your insides are trying to push the Ballistic Plug out is like isometric exercises for your sphincter muscles.  This is far more effective than static stretching exercises. It will cause you sphincter muscles to relax, expand and strengthen. Just keep gently grinding and pushing yourself down on the base as your muscles contract and relax around the Max Anal Ballistic Plug.

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