Max Anal Python Colon Invader


Crazy Long Anal Dildo for depth training

  • Suction cup base
  • Available in 4 lengths
  • 15″ (40cm) / 23″ (60cm) / 30″ (80cm) /39″ (1m)
  • All are 3cm (1.2″) wide from tip to base
  • Medical grade, hypoallergenic silicone rubber
  • Inch scale imprinted on the side
  • Soft, durable and conformable

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The Max Anal Python Colon Invader is the 2021 replacement of the original Max Anal Depth Colon Python. Big brother of the Max Anal Depth Colon Snake, it is available in 4 lengths. Starting with the same beginners size (15″) as the Snake, but with two sizes bigger than the biggest Snake. For those who cannot get their head around centimetres, the Python’s depth scale is in inches and instead of the T-base on the Snake, the Python has a suction cup base.

Most importantly, the Longest of the Pythons is a whole foot longer than the longest Snake. The human colon has an average length of 39 inches. The OMG Python can fill you from anus to cecum.

The Anal Python is primarily for depth training. The scale imprinted on the side makes it easy for your to monitor your progress. Just don’t imagine you are going to take the full length of the OMG in the first sitting. It is well worth considering getting a smaller Python at first to make sure you have the patience and fortitude to go the full length.

Either way, you will never tire of the thrill of feeling something sliding through your insides, from 15 inches to the full 39 inches.

Made of super soft and durable, hypoallergenic, medical grade silicone, the Python is safe for also sorts of internal use. It has a smooth perfectly rounded tip that helps it navigate the twists and kinks in the colon and prevent it from poking your insides uncomfortably.

Max Anal Python Colon Invader is not just for Anal play

While the vagina has a length limit, the Max Anal Depth Colon Snake is soft and pliable enough to be coiled up or loop it up and down inside for that really full feeling. You can double it over (more than once) for vaginal or anus and rectum stretching/stuffing. Maybe as a training tool for fisting.

It is also ideally suited for Deep Throat Training.

These adult sex toys are not for the faint hearted or the careless!

For more information on anal stretching members of FetLife can join the conversations in the Anal 101 group.

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