Max Anal Grease Shooter



  • Food grade Polypropylene or 304 Stainless (non-toxic)
  • 25 fl. oz. (850 ml) capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes 1 x Max Color Flush nozzles
  • CE / EU certification

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The Max Anal Grease Shooter is the Daddy of all anal lube shooters. At just under 1 litre, or just over 25 fl.oz., this is a serious injector for serious anal activities. Available in 304 Stainless Steel or high-quality, food grade PP. (non-toxic, food safe and durable). Extremely robust, it should last for hundreds of play sessions.

The Max Anal Grease Shooter is designed to inject solid lubricants. It’s perfect for stuffing an ass full of Crisco, butter, solidified coconut oil, etc.

An essential addition your tool box for getting your kink on. Great for extreme enema’s, have you ever wondered how to give (or receive) a smoothie enema? If you are into BDSM/RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) enemas or homeopathic colonics, the Anal Grease Shooter will get you to the next level.

Here is some food for thought;

Bananas and honey
Mango and yoghurt
Custard and cream
Porridge, jelly and cream
Spirulina, Kefir and oatmeal

** Max Anal Grease Shooter is SOLD AS A NOVELTY ONLY!

Dangerous use warning!

Don’t be stupid!

If you wouldn’t stuff it down your throat, DO NOT inject it into the ass.

There is more than one reported case of someone trying to get a molding of their rectum by injecting Plaster of Paris or insulation foam, even cement, into their ass. These are recipes for permanent physical damage to the colon with a high risk of death from the injuries. Some try to protect the rectal walls by injecting into a condom, which inevitably breaks. The plaster et al then binds to the walls of the rectum and traps various features of the bowel like the rectal valves. It is physically impossible to separated the hardened material from the bowel. The hardened mass is removed by a procedure called an emergency laparotomy and bowel resection.

If that is not enough, consider how hot some of these materials get when they start setting. We are talking “burning hot”. In which case a bowel resection is the least of your worries.


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Polypropylene, 304 stainless


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