Max Enema Retention Balloon Plug


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The Max Enema Retention Balloon Plug is designed to plug and fill an ass with no release. Fully inflated it’s a whopping 8 cm in diameter. The inflation and enema tubes can be removed without the balloon deflating or the enema escaping. This is the ultimate enema retention plug.


  • Durable, hypoallergenic Silicone rubber
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Ergonomic design for insertion
  • Can inflate to 80 mm in diameter
  • Comfort base and stem for anal training
  • Enema check valve to prevent backflow/outflow
  • Detachable fluid and air hoses
  • Adaptors for shower hose and water/soda bottles

5218 in stock


Max Enema Retention Balloon Plug – The ultimate in cleanout or BDSM enema play

Indulge in a world of pleasure like no other with the Max Enema Retention Balloon Plug. An extraordinary addition to your intimate collection. This is a tantalizing, multi-function toy. In the first instance it is an enema nozzle. The first thing you will want to do is clean your ass out. Then you can inflate the plug to help with administering high volume enemas. Our article on Eating and Enema’s for clean anal sex is a great resource.

Remove the water hose and the Balloon plug is a stand alone training plug for anal sex. The base is super comfortable and you can inflate the plug to what ever size you want. Inflate it to make sure it won’t fall out when you stand up and walk around. Then you can remove the air hose for hours of uninhibited movement. Ware it all day if you can. Then you can also inflate it to train your ass for bigger and better things.

Finally, combining all the functionality of the Max Enema Retention Balloon for punishment enemas. Pump up the balloon until  the rectum is completely full. Stretched to its limit. Then start administering the punishment enema. Make the belly swell like a pregnant woman. 3 liters is the equivalent of a 6.6 lb baby. Now remove the air tube and the water hose. The check valve will stop the enema coming out and the balloon cannot be deflated until the air hose is reattached.

Unyielding, Durable and Hypoallergenic Silicone retention nozzle

Crafted from the finest hypoallergenic silicone rubber resulting is a safe product with unparalleled durability. The Max Enema Retention Balloon is ergonomically designed. It will comfortable fit your body and booty for extended sessions. You will be able to fully embrace your passion without limitation. Stainless steel is use for all the metal components. Stainless Steel for long life and health.

Ergonomic Designed for Effortless Pleasure

Sensuous and ergonomically designed. This plug guarantees a seamless journey into ecstasy. Its sleek contours make insertion effortless and natural, thereby allowing you to explore with confidence. You can inflated the plug to any size you desire. The plug should completely fill your rectum. You need to be able to retain the nozzle for an extended period. You can be confident there can be no accidents. The nozzle inflates to a Whopping 80 mm. Intense Fullness of the most abused rectum. Now there is no way to stop the enema flow from filling the entire colon.

Detachable Enema and Air Hoses for Convenience and Control

The Max Enema Retention Balloon Plug allows you to remove the air tube without deflating the balloon. In fact, removing the air hose prevents anyone deflating the balloon. The air release valve is on the top of the pump bulb. You must have the air hose connected to use the release valve. The Enema Check Valve serves two purposes. The check valve prevents any backflow when administering the enema. It also prevents the enema escaping when the water tube is disconnected. You are free to move around untethered. It also means that an enema sub can be tied up without any chance of an accident.

Designed for Anal Training with Comfort Base and Stem

The Max Enema Retention Balloon Plug is your companion for anal training. Its comfort base and stem ensure that you can explore and expand your boundaries at your own pace, making your journey both safe and satisfying.

Surrender to Unrelenting Pleasure

The Max Enema Retention Balloon Plug invites you to surrender to your deepest desires. Whether you are a seasoned enthusiast or an adventurous beginner, this plug is your gateway to a world where the sensations are unrelenting, and there’s no relief until you, or the boss, says so. Get ready to be captivated by an experience that only the boldest dare to explore.

MaxPrivate welcomes you to explore a realm of passion and power that knows no bounds. The Max Enema Retention Balloon Plug is available here, where your fantasies become reality.

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