Max Anal Ruby Love gun metal butt plugs



  • Choose from a discount or free vibrator when you buy the set
  • Solid metal construction with highly polished plated surface
  • Comfort base and slender stem for safe and easy retention
  • Suitable for use with oil, grease, silicone and water based lubricants

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The The Max Anal Ruby Love gun metal butt plugs is hypoallergenic. The highly polished  surface is plated to give a finish that is as smooth as it is beautiful. Easy to clean and sterilise and won’t rust. Adds a little love and fun to your anal sex training and play. The complete set is exactly what you need to train your ass for those who are new to anal play. Designed to reduce anxiety which causes problems with anal sex.

When paired with a Good Anal Lube, the round tip with polished surface will slip painlessly through the anal verge. This triggers the release process of the inner anal sphincter. The outer anal sphincter, of the inexperienced receiver, will start to clench. The correct technique is to maintain gentle pressure while your anus clenches. Then increasing the pressure gradually and occasionally releasing slightly to give the anus time to respond and open.

The long, slender stem makes this plug easy to retain once fully inserted. Wearing the Max Anal Bling plug will help the rectum get accustom to being full and stop the irresistible urge to poo.

More than a set of butt plugs

We have included the bundle option to add the Mini vibrator to your Max Anal Ruby Love butt plug order. The Mini vibrator will help with Anal Training. You can relax the anal sphincter, the same way you can relax any muscle, with the vibrator. You start by touching the outside of the anus with the vibrator, nothing more. As you become comfortable with the sensation you can insert the vibrator into the anal verge or move onto a butt plug. The vibrator can also be used as a clitoral simulator to help women learn to enjoy anal sex.

The vibrator has 10 vibration patterns. Made of hypoallergenic ABS plastic, the Mini Stick vibrator is waterproof. It is easy to clean. Use regular hand sanitizer to sterilize for extra peace of mind. Compatible with all types of lube.

N.B. – Requires 1 x AAA battery (not included)

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