Max Injector


Anal lube shooter & enema syringe

  • Medical grade materials
  • 50ml (1.7oz) capacity
  • TPX clear plastic barrel
  • Nylon plunger with silicone O-ring seal
  • Chrome plated brass nozzle


The Max Injector is straight from the medical industry and made of components designed to be properly sterilized for reuse and chemically resistant to all types of liquids which is especially good for lubricants.

The Max Injector pictured has a 50ml (about 1.7 fl.oz) capacity. The barrel is made from TPX clear plastic and plunger is made from Nylon with a silicone O-ring seal. TPX plastic, Nylon and even the silicone O-ring are compatible with Silicone lubes, mineral oils and vegetable oils. Obviously water based lubes are no problem. These components can all be washed and sterilized with soaps and detergents even disinfectants, including alcohol or mentholated spirits.

The nozzle is chrome plated brass. It can be washed and disinfected in exactly the same way as the syringe but can also be boiled and steam cleaned.

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