Max Private Enema Shower Nozzle



  • Super discrete Duel function
  • Shower head and Enema Nozzle combined
  • Available in three finishes, Black anodized, Chrome plated, Brushed Nickle

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The Max Private Shower Enema Nozzle is designed for discretion. Now available in three decorator finishes for 2022. Chrome plated, Black Anodized and Brushed Nickle. Finally, a shower enema nozzle that does not advertise its purpose. That’s why it’s called the Private Shower Enema Nozzle.

Moreover, it is a fully functional, hand held shower head. Or is it a shower head disguising as a fully functional enema nozzle? Even the enema control valve is brilliantly discreet. Unlike other shower shot enema products, you can leave this enema nozzle permanently installed. Neither visitors nor house mates will be any the wiser.

The Max Private Enema Shower Enema Nozzle is a quality product. Made with a solid brass body, it has a Stand G1/2″ thread on the base. With the addition of a wall mount you can shower hands free with a partner. Consider adding an in-line shutoff valve or two to isolate either your regular shower head or the Enema Nozzle.

Scales for Total Colon Clean OutIf you combine this with the Max Colonic Smart Bathroom Scales you have everything you need for a Total Colon Cleanse. While you cannot pre-measure the amount of water that you are going to use, you can time how long it takes for the nozzle to fill a 1 litre container. If you buy the in-line valve, you can easily shut off the water flow with minimum fuss.

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Metal color

Black anodized, Brushed nickel, Chrome


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