Compare anal with vaginal sex
First published April 28, 2020
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While working on my article Anal Sex Anatomy I saw a need to compare anal with vaginal sex. While this is not an uncommon muse for many men, heterosexuals and homosexuals alike, the central point to this article is that anal sex constantly gets a bad rap. Comparing anal with vaginal sex is specifically aims to put the constant warnings, precautions and concerns about anal sex in perspective. While this might have particular relevance to women, there is a lot that men will learn about women’s struggles with sexuality in general as well as anal sex specifically.

The risks associated with anal sex are over emphasised. Risks of pain, physical injury and medical consequences that result from engaging in anal sex just need to be put in perspective. Many of the dangers associated with anal sex are equally applicable to vaginal sex. Risk of tears and infections from vaginal penetration are glossed over or completely ignored for the most part.

Compare anal with vaginal sex pain

You rarely see any discussion on the dangers of vaginal sex, unless it is a discussion on rape or sexual abuse. When a woman loses her virginity, it is commonly accepted that the hymen will be torn. There will be, or should be, blood on the sheets. The first point I want to make is that this should be an unacceptable set of beliefs.

Now compare anal with vaginal sex. Vaginal penetration causing pain and physical damage to a women is commonly accepted. The slightest hint that anal sex could be painful (it certainly does not need to be) is considered a hard limit.

Vaginal sex is painful

Let’s start with putting pain from anal sex in perspective. In a 2017 British Study 7.5% of the 8,869 sexually active women in the study experienced pain during vaginal sex. Either very often or always for more then 6 months. In a review of an American survey posted by Psychology Today in 2012, between 15% and 33% of women suffer pain during vaginal sex. The article sites the following causes and more:

  • Lack of lubrication
  • Non-sensual lovemaking
  • Inserting too quickly or deeply
  • Relationship issues
  • Skin conditions
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Emotional sexual trauma

This is an abridge list of the causes for pain arising from vaginal sex. It mirrors exactly the list of the causes resulting from anal sex/penetration. The full list of causes for vaginal pain is much longer.

The article makes the following assertion, which I attest to;

“Attention, men: Except for consensual BDSM, sex should never hurt.”

Sage words for people contemplating or participating in anal sex.

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