Anal Sex Anatomy

There is a lot of advice regarding anal sex floating around the internet. Most of the information from the medical and health communities is repetition of basic advice. It is superficial advice and bloated with mostly unhelpful warnings about STI’s, bacterial infection risks and platitudes like “use lots of lube.” What I find is missing in almost every case is a discussion on the mechanics (physical effects and interaction) of anal and the sources of both pleasure as well as the origins of pain and the potential risks.

Anal Sex in perspective

Since I will be covering the causes of pain and other problems regularly associated with anal sex, I felt that it is sensible to make some comparisons with vaginal penetration and sex. While much of the advice published on anal sex focuses a great deal of attention on avoiding pain and infections et al, it is very difficult to find advice on avoiding pain and infections caused by vaginal sex. Avoiding STI’s through vaginal sex is almost a throw away comment to safe sex practices. But articles on anal sex are filled with the increased risks of contracting STI (which of course you can’t if you practice safe sex) and UTI’s, etc.

/comparing-anal-with-vaginal-sex/en you take a closer look at issues women experience with vaginal sex it turns out to be a much more complex topic and deserved it’s own article. So, I strongly recommend you start by reading the article Comparing Anal with Vaginal Sex.

The Big Picture of Anal Sex

Large intestine main features

It is worth know about all the section of the large intestine when it comes to anal sex anatomy. While for most people anal sex is only about getting an average human penis through the anus and into the rectum, for most there are many questions and concerns about cleaning the ass out and how far you have to go to get it “clean”. Then there are other who are into depth play either with toys or a human hand (sic. elbow deep fisting and beyond). So this first illustration names the main features of the large intestine. As you read in more depth on various subject, you might want/need to come back to this illustration to get an understanding of what bit is what.

Anal Pleasure for the Reciever

Anal Pleasure for the Giver

X-section of human anus and rectum
Details of the Anus and Rectum

Hi @tyerion. First up your pubo-rectal sling is not the issue. It is located about 1 inch in at the junction or the anus and rectum and forms a part of the muscle group that constitutes your Inner and Outer anal sphincters ( see:- [puborectalis muscle][])

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