Max Colon Popper Anal Beads – 20 inch comfort dildo



  • Available in three colors
  • Super long 1/2 meter – 20 inches
  • 8 x 37mm beads – 1.5 inches
  • Super suction cup base
  • Medical grade, hypoallergenic silicone rubber
  • Soft and durable with a super smooth surface
  • Suitable for use with oils and grease lubricants

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The Max Colon Popper Anal beads are super long, hypoallergenic dildo. It is designed to ripple through your insides as it slides in and out. The beads don’t just provide a popping sensation as they pass through the anus, you will feel deep popping sensations as they work their way past each of the rectal folds, into the sigmoid colon and up into the descending colon. This anal dildo is long enough for the top bead to make it  all the way into the transverse colon. If you are not there yet, with care and patience, these anal beads will get your there.

Made from super soft and durable, hypoallergenic rubber, the kind of soft rubber used in catheters. The Max Colon Popper is safe for also sorts of internal use. Don’t force the entire length inside on the first try. Unless you are well practiced with anal depth play and know your limit(s), take your time and enjoy the ride.

Of all the Max Depth Play products  the Max Colon Popper Anal Beads are a good second step for all forms or anal training. The beads are comfortably sized for for a beginner and long enough so the you will never tire of playing with them. Even the most experienced anal aficionado will love the feel of the beads rippling through their insides.

For more information on anal training, stretching and depth play members of FetLife can join the conversations in my group Anal 101. 

N.B. Standard disclaimer: Common sense and care must be observed.

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