Max Tornado Quaking Bullet vibrator – USB rechargeable silicone



    • Vibration and suction
    • Extremely flexible and durable, body-safe, medical grade silicone
    • 10 modes of suction
    • 10 modes of vibration
    • Independent vibration and suction control
    • Available in three colors: Rose pink, Purple and Grape
    • IPX7: 100% Waterproof
    • Powerful but quiet: Noise less than 50 db
    • Battery: Lithium batteries, USB rechargeable
    • Up to 1 hour continuous use from fully charged


The Max Tornado Quaking Bullet is one of the Max Private range of Women’s pleasure products and is a quantum leap in the evolution of the personal vibrator. This is a multi-functioned, multi-purpose personal vibrator. One end houses a micro-suction system that has 10 power settings from titillating to ravaging. The vibrating egg at the other end has ten modes of vibration. If you are looking for a way to step up your personal pleasure, this vibrator is for you.

Principles of design

Every aspect of the Max Tornado Quaking Bullet design screams ecstasy. There are so many vibrators on the market. The majority of them fail to consider the sensitivity of a woman in their design. Realistic penis dildos and vibrators are basically 3D dick pics. Not usually something that is a turn on for a woman. If you are one of the 50% to 70% of women (or maybe its your partner) that does not experience orgasm from penetrative sex alone, this vibrator has lots of tricks for getting a woman to orgasm.

Both ends of the vibrator can be use independently to stimulate various parts of the body and the erogenous zones. But when the bullet is inserted into the vagina, or anus, the ‘V’ shape works like a gentle clamp that holds the bullet and suction cup in place. Pressure is maintaining on the g-spot and providing an excellent transfer of vibrations to the internal structures of the clitoris. Add the clitoral pulsing suction and it feels like a pleasure monster has latched onto your loins and will not let them go. You are then¬† on your way to pleasure heaven.

The materials are are hypoallergenic and odorless. Designed to be pleasing to the eye and soft to touch

Other benefits

As if all these pleasure options weren’t enough, this is an amazing toy for double penetration.¬† When your partner penetrates your ass the vibrating bullet will work its magic on your partner’s cock through the vaginal wall. The bottom end of the bullet is also thin and smooth enough to allow your partners cock to slide into your vagina right behind the bullet.

If you do venture into the anal sex or double penetration with the Max try paring it with either of the Max Japanese Anal Lubes . Your entry to the world of anal pleasures will be an easy one. It is also recommended that you put lube on your clit when using the tornado function on your clit, at least when you first get going.

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