Max Power Duo Balls & Vibro Remote



  • Powerful and petite, elegant and discrete
  • 10 Vibration modes
  • Wireless vibrating remote control
  • Independent vibration control of Duo balls and the remote
  • Convenient button placement and easy operation
  • Very discrete low noise operation (<50 db)
  • Durable ABS internal shell and chrome features
  • Soft, odorless, hypoallergenic Silicone skin
  • Fully water proof duo balls and remote controller
  • Convenience of USB Charging

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The Max Power Duo Balls with vibrating wireless remote control are part of Mini Private’s Women’s pleasure collection. The ideal first vibrator for a female’s sexual pleasure. If you are one of the 50% to 70% of women (or sadly maybe its your partner) that does not experience, or has never experienced an orgasm, this is a good place to start.

This is the sister product of the Mini Power Duo Balls. The principles of design, as described below, are the same the Mini Power Duo Balls but there are some specific subtle differences between the two products.

The Max Power Duo Balls are connected by a longer slimmer umbilical. With one ball inserted and the other left sticking out, the balls create a snug fit at the top and bottom of the anal canal or vaginal verge. This increases the intensity of sensations when the Power Balls are turned on. This design also makes it easier to retain with only one ball inserted. Especially useful when you want to use the balls for a bit of DP action.

The Vibro Remote of the Max Balls is slightly larger which maybe easier for some to handle. More importantly, the vibration tip is a completely smooth pad which better at sliding between the inner lips of the vagina to stimulate a larger area of the vulva with the clitoris and/or the urethral opening and is better for stimulating the surface of the anus.

Principles of design

There are so many vibrators on the market. The majority of them fail to consider the sensitivity of a woman in their design. If you are struggling to find pleasure from sexual intercourse, the last thing you need is an oversized, throbbing, thrusting, double penetrating, rubber phallus with a distinct chemical smell.

The Max Power Duo Balls, and the wireless remote are discrete in every way. They are quiet, petite, have an elegantly and ergonomic design. They are made from odorless, hypoallergenic materials, they are pleasing to the eye, soft to the touch and not designed to be intimidating.

Designed for you

The vibrating remote control for the Max Power Duo Balls can be use totally in isolation. Primarily designed for clitoral stimulation, it can also be use to stimulate other erogenous zones. With over 1/3 of women needing clitoral stimulation to orgasm, this is what you need in bed with your partner.

The magic of the Max Power Duo Balls and vibrating remote is you can start with just a bit of self exploration. Once you get a handle on your own potential for sexual pleasure you can step thing up. You can switch from using the vibrating remote to using the duo balls. The balls can be used for surface stimulation and then slowly to introduce some insertion. You can then use the balls and remote in combination for simultaneous internal and external stimulation. As your confidence builds, you will want to use this to augment sexual intercourse with your partner.

The buttons on the remote make it easy to control the vibrations mode of remote and the balls independently. Nobody wants to be fumbling around for the controls when you are in the middle of having a good time.

Other benefits

The motorise Max Power Duo Balls can also be use for kegel exercises. You can tone the pelvic floor muscles and strengthen the vaginal muscles for a tighter feel. They can also be used in therapy for curing vaginismus.




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