Max LoveLife Silicone Lubricant



  • Super Slick Silicone
  • Silky smooth feeling
  • Thicker texture for increased comfort
  • Never turns sticky or tacky
  • Super long lasting
  • Helps prevent cystitis
  • Free of preservatives

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200ml + 30ml travel pump


Max LoveLife Silicone lubricant is hypoallergenic and extremely long lasting for totally hassle free vaginal or anal sex. It is designed to moisturize, enhance and eliminate the frustration of dry intimate play.

It is ideal for adventurous play and uninterrupted pleasure. Max LoveLife Silicone lubricant is silky smooth with a buttery glide. It is water-resistant and long lasting. It is ideal for adventurous vaginal or anal play and uninterrupted pleasure. Because it does not rinse off with plain water, it is effectively as a sex lubricant in the bath or shower. Preservative free and formulated using only the highest quality silicone. The extra slick body offers a long lasting and effortlessly smooth glide.

The perfect lubricant for anal penetration, Max LoveLife Silicone Lubricant is perfect for vaginal use also. It long lasting properties and slick smoothness makes it the ideal lubricant for fisting and stretching.

As featured in the article Stopping Cystitis, it can reduce the risk of contacting UTI’s. So, if you don’t want your honeymoon activities interrupted by the honeymooners’ disease, it is a good idea to pack a bottle. The risk of UTI’s  also increases for people into anal sex and by using many of the more common water based lubricants.


Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclotetrasiloxane, Dimethiconol

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