Max Japanese Sex Lubricant Combo



  • 200ml of Simulated Semen lubricant
  • 200ml of Clear lubricant
  • Both Highly Viscous
  • Both Water based – water soluble – condom safe
  • Can be diluted with water to reduce thickness
  • Enhance lubrication and elasticity of vagina or anus
  • Long lasting single application
  • Stays where you need it
  • Easy clean-up, No residue!
  • Odorless, tasteless and non-toxic
  • Shelf life: 3 years
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Max Japanese Sex Lubricant bundle pack. If you want to try both the Max Japanese Anal Lubricant and Max Japanese Semen Anal Lube, you can by this combo pack and save some money. This bundle includes the 200ml bottle of both products.

Perfect for any part of the body, they are not just for super smooth anal penetration. They are both absolutely brilliant for vaginal dryness and can also be use for body massage.

The Japanese are the silent experts on anal sex. The Max Japanese Sex Lubricants are highly viscus. Their gooey properties will cling to your skin providing an exceptionally good, slick, barrier virtually eliminating friction that would cause micro-tears, fissures and abrasions.

These special water base lubricants stays wet for a long time . They are good for the most enthusiastic and rigorous intimate action. You will not find yourself having to constantly reapply these lubricants. They can also be watered down so you can thin it out to suit your own taste.


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