Max Anal Plumb Bob Enema Nozzle


Main Features:

  • 250mm length, medical grade silicone enema hose
  • 1.5m Flexible Stainless Steal shower hose extension (optional)
  • Polished Aluminium/Aluminum Plumb Bob Tip won’t rust
  • Easy to clean and sterilize
  • No washer/No leaks Nylon fitting
  • Stiff enough to stop the enema hose folding back on itself
  • Pliable enough to navigate through the kinks and bends

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The Max Anal Plumb Bob enema nozzle is made of medical grade silicone rubber with a polished aluminium/aluminum head. The Max Plumb Bob enema nozzle is constructed from hypoallergenic materials. The tube is firm enough to hold its shape but soft and pliableenough to navigate the kinks and bends. You can easily manoeuvre it through the rectum and sigmoid colon. The bulbous metal head helps with retention and leakage prevention. The tapered shape greatly helps navigate the kinks and bends in the rectum and colon. You’ll have no trouble flushing all the way to the descending colon.

The silicone rubber tube is 25cm long, adding length and flexible comfort to your anal cleaning routine. The optional, flexible, stainless steal shower hose extension will added another 1.5m to the existing shower hose.

The nozzle connector and the optional shower hose extension attach to standard household plumbing or shower system.


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