Order processing and delivery

With the outbreak of Covid-19

I would like to share this video on the Covid-19 virus and its method of spread. Based on this latest information, it is clear that the virus can be transferred from hand to surface and surface to surface in transportation. While we are careful with our sanitizing of the work place, as with anything you receive from the outside world, you cannot be certain that the packaging is contaminated.

Given the time in transit, anything inside the package should to be sterile regardless of how or who handled it. The greater concern is the outer packaging. It has been handled by multiple people and shared the mail delivery bag with many more potentially infected parcels in the 72 hours before you get it. You should definitely wash/sanitize your hands immediately after opening/handling the/any package or delivery while trying not to touch anything else or what’s inside. Open the package immediately and discard the packaging. Then wash your hands before you are tempted to touch your face. You will have to be meticulous to avoid touching the product before washing your hands, so wash everything together just to be sure.

With the Covid-19 outbreak. Some shipments are going through as normal, others suffer a few days delay. Please give it 2 weeks before chasing up the delivery.


Orders for products are processed with the highest discretion. Only essential information is put on the shipping label. Labelling is discrete and the packaging nondescript.

Personal Security

The Transport packaging is nondescript, as are the customs declarations. No invoicing details are shipped with the goods. MaxPrivate.net is SSL encrypted and your personal data is only used for the purposes of servicing the requests that you make. Your data will not be shared with any third party who is not directly connected with the shipment of your order and only on a needs to know basis.

Shipping Confidence

Our fixed price global shipping typically takes 2 weeks from order to receipt of goods. We use global delivery and logistics companies with electronic tracking. You will automatically receive an email confirming your purchase. We then track your order and its processing to the point of delivery. If you have any queries you can contact us for an update through the website’s contact form.