Anal Numbing Products – Do they Work?

Do Anal Numbing Products Work?

To answer the question “Do anal numbing products work?” directly; YES, they work.
Do some people benefit from them? – Yes, they do.
Do some people suffer greatly as a result of using them? – YES! Yes they do.

A better better question might be:- “Will I benefit from using an anal numbing product?”

The need for Anal Numbing

There is one very good reason for using an Anal Numbing product. Some people are just more sensitive to anal stimulation than others. Calming the senses allows them access to a whole new world of sexual pleasure. As a comparison, if someone has sensitive teeth there is nothing anyone can do or say that will convince you to bite into ice cream. It is nothing for use to prescribe desensitizing toothpaste. What about babies who are teething? Again, no hesitation about slapping on some Bonjela. So why not use desensitizing lubes to help sensitive people deal with hypersensitivity and enjoy anal sex?

Here is the caution; As painful as it is for some people to bite into ice cream, they are not going to break a tooth by ignoring the pain and biting into the ice cream regardless. But there is a lot of damage you can do during anal sex. Never use desensitizing lube it to subdue ‘Real’ pain. Never use it to try stretching or penetrating a person beyond their limit. While it is not particularly easy to do real damage during anal sex minor injuries like muscular strains and skin tears are very common. Also, when you cause major damage it is life threatening, so be especially careful when you are moving to a new level or depth of stretch with your bottom, especially with someone new or anyone new to anal sex.

Anal Numbing products can bite!

Even if you decide to try desensitizing lube or numbing cream out for yourself, you also need to answer the question; “Will I be able to tolerate the sensation of it being applied?”

The “true” numbing creams have Benzocaine or a similar compound as the active anesthetic. Many people say that the sensation experienced when first a applying some of these creams, gels or sprays is a burning one. Some say it is horribly itchy and others say it feels like a cooling kind of menthol effect at least until the anesthetic takes effect.

There is a good chance that these different effects are side effects of the anesthetic. These reactions could also be caused by the other compounds used to make up the individual product. With trial and error you might find a product that does not bother you while others do. For more general information about anal lubes check out What Makes a Good Anal Lube?

Then there is the sensations you are likely to experience when the anesthetic starts to ware off. AS the nerves start to recover, the area starts to tingle, like pins and needles. For some it is itchy as all hell. Some say it feels cool and very pleasant. Different compounds have different effects on different people. So try a number of them on yourself first before even worrying about using them for anal play/penetration. Itchy and burning sensations are usually a moment spoiler, specially when you are trying to improve the comfort of Anal sex.

Anal Numbing products can numb a Cock

Unless your skin and/or anal lining absorbs all the anesthetic it will also numb any other skin that comes into contact with it. This can be a bad thing for tongues, lips and especially dicks. A numb dick could really put an end to things and if not, the bottom will be in for a lot more humping and pumping and that’s not going to be good for a sensitive ass. Or it could be a good thing.

An alternative to Anal Numbing

Some products are designed to be muscle relaxants as opposed to anesthetics. There is nothing wrong with a relaxant, we are not talking about paralysis. Relaxation is the key to safe, comfortable anal sex.

In addition, it should be obvious that numbing the skin is not going to help much if you are tearing the muscles or, worse still, the inner lining of your rectum. This is why many people say they don’t work or the bigger warning about not using them. The last thing most people want is to have a burning ass when you apply the stuff, pain from tearing the muscles in your sphincter regardless only to end up with an itchy in your ass that lasts for an hour or more.

Anal numbing in conclusion

For some people the nerve endings around the anus are just too sensitive. There is no damage being done, there is just too much sensation for anal sex to be pleasurable. Having their ass touched, probed and proded just makes their brains screem. In these cases I recommend numbing sprays or gels over lubes or creams. Once the spay or gel is dry on the skin there is little or nothing left to effect other things coming into contact with the ass. They absorb more quickly and are not likely to numb the dick entering the ansu if they are used correctly. A numb Cock would be counter productive for these individuals with a hyper sensitive anus.

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