Expert Guide to Anal Sex

Studio: Smart Ass Productions
Distributor: Vivid Entertainment
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Released 2007

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Sex Ed for a new generation.

A revealing and intimate introduction to the most private of acts, from the award-winning author and director Penthouse calls “America’s anal sex guru.” You’ll learn honest information, explicit techniques and incredible sensuality, in an innovative new format.

Village Voice Columnist and anal sex expert Tristan Taormino leads a group of couples in a class in the anatomy, tips and techniques of anal pleasure.

She welcomes her co-hosts Lorelei and Ariel show demonstrate various techniques for the crowd as Tristan narrates what they are doing; workshop participants watch and ask questions. We meet Ricki and Marcos, who talk about their experiences with anal sex and share their favorite positions, techniques and tricks for maximum pleasure. Next we meet Adrianna and Manuel, an experienced young couple with a vast range of anal knowhow who are also eager to demonstrate their anal style.

All in all, it’s an educational introduction to the most intimate of errotic acts, demosnstrated by those who truly know and narrated by one of our nation’s leading sexual experts, Tristan Taormino, Learn, enjoy and experience anal pleasure, by experts.

Scene 1

Ariel X., Lorelei Lee

Scene 2

Ricki White (Anal), Marcos Leon

Scene 3

Adrianna Nicole (Anal), Manuel Ferrara

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