Amazing Ty #06

Hurt My Pussy You Bitch

Studio: Sticky Video
Distributor: Denni O
Director: [php snippet=4]
Released 2003
Rating – ?
Ref –


Monster Toys and Giant Dildos Stretch Cumming Pussys to the Limi!

Ty and her petite Mexican girlfriend Jasmine stretch each other’s hot pussy to the limit with a huge array of gigantic toys and dildos. You won’t believe how much rubber get’s shoved into their wide open twats as they gasp in pleasure and scream in orgasm as the toys plunge into their dripping cunts. Then Ty gets a nasty anal work-out by jasmine and a huge strap-on!

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  1. Scene 1

    Ty get straight to stuffing a big black rubber cock into Jasmine’s pussy, followed quickly by a rubber hand and then Collin. After opening Jasmine up, Ty shoves a huge horse dildo with a bulbous head into her pussy and fucks her with that, grinding it in deeper and deeper. Then Jasmine is stuffed and fucked with a rubber fist followed by an assortment of other huge dildos including a huge inflatable. Then Ty uses a huge strap-on to fuck Jasmine in a DDP with a rubber fist and there is still more.

  2. Scene 2

    Jasmine starts by stuffing and fucking Ty with a huge black rubber cock that is 3″ wide. Next is the horse dildo.Ty can take at least 1/3 of this and it make her belly bulge as Jasmine fucks her with it.

  3. Scene 3

    Jasmine and Ty grab a monster double ended dildo that is 3 feet long and 3.5″ thick to go Pussy to Pussy. Ty isn’t being stretch enough so she stuffs another dildo 2″ thick into her pussy at the same time. An unbelievable amount of rubber disappears up both their holes.

  4. Scene 4

    In this short final scene Jasmine dons a very large strap-on and fucks Ty’s ass balls deep. Ty takes the hole thing easily strap-on pushing back on Jasmine’s every thrust in an ass pounding that would slit the most experienced anal recipients in half.

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