Amazing Penetrations #05

Nothing Butt Toys

Studio: Sticky Video
Distributor: Denni O
Director: [php snippet=4]
Released 2003
Rating – ?
Ref –


Non-Stop Big Dildo Anal Fuck-Fest.
Big Toy DP FUcking.
Dozens of Real Orgasms.
Turns Her Asshole Inside Out.
Inserts Finger into Urethra.
Speculums In Both Holes at Once.

Cute voluptuous Alysha takes you on an intimate journey into her private world of self stimulation. Alysha invites you to enjoy a close-up dildo session while she stuff her butt with all kinds of bizarre rubber toys. She pounds her own rectum open until she gets off noisily right in front of the camera. It is obvious that Alysha is completely anally oriented, because she comes so much harder when she masturbates her ass.
She makes love to her anal opening over and over using whatever is on hand to satisfy the urge deep inside her bowels. She uses her own fingers to reach as deep she can to warm up her overheated colon, but only cums when she buries those over-sized dildos a foot deep up her butt.
Alysha rides the big toys with total abandon causing her pendulous natural milk bags to flail mindlessly as she tries to wreck her own asshole. Whether it is the slapping sound of her tits bouncing around or the loud snaps of her spanking herself, the whole scene is so intimate that you feel as if you were right there with her as she rolls from one orgasm to another.
Every time Alysha has another orgasm she ups the ante by adding some new kinky dimension to the next orifice stuffing. Before long she is fucking both her ass and pussy, at the same time with two huge dildos. She constantly is asking your opinion of her gaping holes, and whether you like the way she is doing herself.
Alysha shows you how really naughty she can be when she put her fingers into her pussy and out her asshol. It looks as if her long nails will rip right through the skin. She even shows you how she can stick her finger partway into her peehole.
This is one kinky girl!

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